Leak Information on Sen no Kiseki II from This Week’s Famitsu # 1319


Note:As always, please let me know of translation inaccuracies in comments or on twitter. This may be a bit more disjointed than before, since I’ve been working on it during work and keep having my attention dragged away. :(

There is also supposedly information in this week’s Dengeki Playstation. I’m looking for information from it. I will try to have images to post as soon as possible as well.

Basic Information

Release: During 2014
Price: TBD

Prologue: Civil War has commenced in the empire, and Rean is in the mountain regions with a cat and the ash machine knight.


Rean Schwartzer
cv: Kouki Uchiyama
The previous hero possessing a dark, mysterious power within him.

Alisa Reinford
cv: Yui Horie

Elliot Craig
cv: Ryoko Shiraishi

Laura S. Arseid
cv: Mariya Ise

Toval Landner
cv: Tomokazu Sugita
A Bracer tied to the Imperial branch of the Bracer’s Guild. He rejoins Rean in an unexpected scene. [ed- not sure what was meant with this?]

Claire Riwelt
cv: Miyu Matsuki
New costume.
She has separated from the Imperial military in this game. She has taken up covert activities in plainclothes. She will be assisting Rean.

Over 20 characters in the game will be able to join the party.

Ash Knight Valimar
Valimar is not considered a ‘party character.’ Battles using Valimar will be determined by the story.


AT Battle
* The Battle Link system has been updated with new features added.
* All animations in battle have been updated and are now smoother.
* Multi-Element Arts appearing in the series for the first time.

Field Attack
* Consecutive field attacks are now possible.
* Multiple attacks can stun enemies.

Map Expansion
* The chapter restrictions have been removed. It will be possible to travel to multiple towns.

New Locations
* Hot Spring Village Ymir – A resort town in the northern, mountainous regions of Erebonia. Rean has been here for an undetermined amount of time. Ymir is also the location of the residence for Lord Schwartzer. Will the characters visit the hot springs? An image of Alisa in a bathtowel is shown.

Interview Information

* Toshihiro Kondo, the president for Falcom, is the producer for the game and was interviewed.
* The title is to declare that this is most definitely a continuation of the previous title.
* The story of Sen no Kiseki II is a follow-up to continue the story told in the previous title. There are plans to add a function to review events from before. [ed: I suspect this will be like the one found in Ao no Kiseki?]
* The main characters will be Class VII again.
* Class VII has been separated from the Military Academy and are in plain clothes. Colors for each character were chosen specifically based on their personalities.
* There had been early images of Elise being playable, but they were just test images from development. However, as popular as she has become, there’s a high possibility that she will be playable.
* The party being used will be changing a lot, as such there are plans to have the original equipment replacement system in the game. [ed: Not quite sure what’s meant with this?]
* There will be many Link Events throughout the game.
* The beginning of Sen no Kiseki II will be happening simultaneously with Ao no Kiseki, and the two games will possess a deep connection with each other.
* The game will dig deeper into the history of Erebonia and individuals important to it.
* The Organization’s ‘Phantom Blaze Project’ will show up at full scale. The Ouroboros will be active from the start. Not only will new members arrive, but members from previous games will show up as well.
* While the details for what will transfer are still secret, Sen no Kiseki II will inherit save data from the previous title.
* The release date is planned to be ‘during a period of cool weather.’
* The official website is planned to open in the middle of March. Regular news updates will begin then.

Development Progress
The game is said to be at 65% completion currently.

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9 Replies to “Leak Information on Sen no Kiseki II from This Week’s Famitsu # 1319”

  1. It’s happening!

    * The party being used will be changing a lot, as such there are plans to have the original equipment replacement system in the game. [ed: Not quite sure what’s meant with this?]

    I think it means they’re planning to introduce an original system (ie mechanics) for party changing (メンバー入れ替え) and equipment acquisition/shopping (装備の調達)

    20+ characters, huh
    Muller better be among them

  2. And/or Olivier. My fingers are crossed for playable Lechter, assuming he’s not secretly the Fourth Pillar and waiting to stab us in the back. Also, I’m pretty certain Kondo implied Towa would be playable.

    The summary also mentioned that there will be lots more large mecha belonging to the antagonist groups but I think we all knew that already. ;-)

    A minor thing, until Falcom provides us an official name I prefer Liebert for Claire’s family (acursed Falcom trollery). They make musical instruments and there were several real composers with that name.

  3. New Locations
    * Hot Spring Village Ymir -> misspelled “Yumir”? :O

    and also “An image of Alisa in a bathtowel is shown.” fanservice <3

    later :v

    1. Nope. While the kana spells out ‘yumir’ but I’m pretty sure it should be romanized as Ymir. Ymir is a primordial being that gave birth to the world in Norse mythology, IIRC. Or something of that sort.

    2. We already had pre-release artwork of Class VII at hot springs (Ymir’s in fact, during the drama cd sequence the game glossed over) so this is us getting the teased fanservice in-game, albeit under different circumstances. Odds of Fie trolling Emma at some point during the scene? 100% I also fully expect that there will be a quick cut to Miriam tied to a chair somewhere so she doesn’t try to molest any of her classmates of either gender.

      And as rucchi noted over at gamefaqs, could mutli-elemental magic be Falcom implementing a form of Cagesong’s Ensemble Magic? That would be awesome and fit perfectly into the Tactical Link concept.

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