Sen no Kiseki II Website Open! Updates from 3/13 & 3/20


On3/13, Falcom officially opened the Sen no Kiseki II website, complete with four sections open on it.

More information, as well as two more characters were added on 3/20. All the information from the two updates is shown below!


This section currently contains two parts of information. The first is on the latest news related to Sen no Kiseki II (which states the website is open!), as well as the current two issues of Kiseki Magazine, but shows that the distribution for vols 1 and 2 has ended. Vol 3 is expected to begin on 4/8.

Product Data

The two covers are still showing as ‘coming soon.’

Release Date: For sale in 2014.
Genre: Story RPG
Platform: Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Playstation Vita TV
Players: 1
CERO Rating: TBD

Beyond this point will be spoilers for the previous Sen no Kiseki.



[spoiler]In one gunshot, the fate of the Empire changed.

After Girias Osborne was shot by the sniper, the union of nobles have taken Heimdallr, the Imperial capital.

With that, followed the arrival of Pantagruel, the great aerial battleship, and the Armored Soldiers, the piloted force of mechanized units, they were able to change the influence within the Empire. A civil war that would envelope the nation has begun.

As the nobles possess an overwhelming amount of resources and new weapons they are able to take control. Their highly trained soldiers and armored division opposed the Imperial military.

This was the start of the civil war of the great Erebonian Empire. Its violence was greater than anticipated. The people shuddered, as they were powerless and no end was in sight.

–amongst all of this, Rean Schwarzer, one of the Class VII students from Thor’s Military Academy, wakes up in an isolated mountain region. With him is a talking cat and the giant, ash “knight.”

His classmates from Class VII – his trusted friends who had faced many trials together – were nowhere to be found.

He remembered the parting words from his friends, and his own screams and shouts to them before he lost consciousness.

Slowly, his memories of that desperate battle began to return, with the blue shadow rising before them.

“…is everyone okay…?”

“…I must get back to the Academy!”

Shaking off the cat, and leaving the shadow of the ash knight behind him, Rean began to take his unsteady steps down to the mountain village below.

With that arrived the Day of Upheaval; it is the beginning of the end.





The Hot Spring Village of Yumir

* The hot springs village governed by Duke Schwarzer, located in the northern mountainous region of Erebonia. They have heavy snowfalls in the winter, and a station with a cable car that travels to an elegant resort gifted by the Emperor, as the hot springs are said to cure many sorts of illnesses.
* Rean has returned home to this snowy village after the unfortunate events that befell him.



Rean Schwarzer

Age: 17
Weapon: Long Sword
cv: Kouki Uchiyama

* He is the adopted son of Baron Schwarzer from the northern regions of the Erebonia Empire. He is the hero of the previous title, a student of the Thor’s Military Academy, and part of Class VII
* While he is a practitioner of the eastern style known as Hachiyou Ittou, Rean also shown to possess a dark power within him. With his friends, he has begun to overcome the trauma caused by it.
* Rean has been chosen to be the pilot of the mysterious ‘Ash Knight’ Valimar. After managing to hold back the attack on the academy, he was defeated by his friend and upper classman, who used the Blue Knight Ordyne. He was forced to withdraw and has woken up in a distant mountainous region.

Alisa Reinford

Age: 17
Weapon: Orbal Bow
cv: Yui Horie

* She is the daughter of the president of the Reinford Group, the larges orbal manufacturing company in Erebonia.
* While she may be somewhat forceful in her speech, she is actually a soft-hearted individual. She has a troubled relationship with her mother, the president of the RF Group. She is hard working, and continues to strive at finding her own path.
* The last we saw of her in the previous game, she was left behind to fight with the rest of the class as Rean escaped, and doesn’t know anything of his wellbeing.

Eliot Craig

Age: 16
Weapon: Orbal Staff
cv: Ryoko Shiraishi

* The son of the famous military general, ‘The Redhaired Craig.’ He is a genius musician with a great deal of talent and originally wanted to enroll to a famous imperial music academy. His father resisted, however, and had him enrolled in the Thor’s Military Academy instead.
* While he was nervous about it at first, he began to feel more confident about joining the Military Academy as he was overcoming many of the obstacles that he and his classmates faced.
* In the previous game, as Rean escaped, he mustered his courage to stay behind and face a hopeless battle.

Laura S. Arseid

Age: 17
Weapon: Two-handed Sword
cv: Mariya Ise

* She is the daughter of Viscount Arseid, and her family is known through the empire for their military prowess.
* Despite the fact that she has a cold, proud, and collected demeanor, and she sometimes is stubborn about straying away from her path of duty. While she and Fie have a opposition to start, they become close friends eventually. Laura begins to grow, but in the heart, rather than in battle.
* In the previous game, she remained behind on the battlefield as Rean fled to assist her friends as the intense battle unfolded.


Tovar Randonneur

Age: 27
Weapon: Customized Combat Orbment & Stun Rod
cv: Torikazu Sugita

* He is a Bracer, belonging to the Erebonian chapter of the Bracers Guild, a civilian organization that specializes in contractual problem solving and investigation.
* While he is knowledgeable in combat, he specializes in exceptional operation of combat class orbments, and is skilled in casting arts with overwhelming speeds.
* He met Rean in the previous game, and in this title, they have an unexpected reunion. As Rean is traveling alone, Tovar decides to help him out.

Claire Riweldt

Age: 24
Weapon: Military-Grade Orbal Pistol
cv: Miyu Matsuki

* Claire is a female captain of the well-known Train Military Police of the Erebonian military. She is known as the “Ice Maiden” and her unit is deployed throughout the Empire via the train system.
* As one of the “Iron Breed” who work directly with Prime Minister Osborne, she was tricked by the terrorist leader “C” and failed to prevent the assassination of the prime minister.
* Previously, she had assisted Rean with information exchange. In this game, she has separated herself from the military, and continuing with cover operations in civilian clothing.





Support Banners


The website banner section has been added and was updated to feature 6 characters, as of 3/20. You can currently get banners in the dimensions of 160×160 and 160×600. They show that they plan to have 120×240 and 234×60, but these haven’t been updated yet.

The current characters you can select from are: Rean, Alisa, Elliot, Laura, Tovar, and Claire.

Please make note to not alter the banners in any way. To use the banners, just use the code supplied below them.

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