The Songs of Zemeth Instrumental Only Album Digitally Available on Amazon


Thenon-vocal version of the Songs of Zemeth album is now available on Amazon for digital purchase for .99 or $.99 per track. This is the second disc that was with the Songs of Zemeth set originally, the vocal collection of music for Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim.

Take note that these are instrumental versions, not karaoke versions. The vocal track is simply replaced with a new instrument.

This information is based on the American Amazon site- if you are an international reader, check Amazon for your region to check the availability, as Falcom appears to be making these albums internationally available. (They’re showing up on as Falcom updates to

1. Release of the Far West Ocean ~I’m Here For You~
2. Desire
3. Lapis Lazuli
4. Pandora
5. Fight Your Way
6. Mighty Obstacle ~The Wind of Zemeth~
7. Whereabouts of Smile
8. Cumulus
9. Lapis Lazuli ~A Piece of the Sky~

You can purchase the album here.

However, if you wish the support the website, you can purchase the album here at no extra cost to you, as well.

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