Music from Ys I & II Chronicles (Original Mode) Now Available Digitally on Amazon


Falcomhas released the Music from Ys I & II Chronicles (Original Mode) album on for digital purchase. The music on this album contains the Complete version of the soundtrack for the first two games, including the original opening song.

This album is currently available for .99, or for 0.99 per track.

This information is based on the American Amazon site- if you are an international reader, check Amazon for your region to check the availability, as Falcom appears to be making these albums internationally available. (They’re showing up on as Falcom updates to

You can purchase the album here.

However, if you wish the support the website, you can purchase the album here at no extra cost to you, as well.

Tracklist is behind the cut!

1. Feena (Title)
2. Ys1 Complete -Opening-
3. Departure
4. Fountain of Love
5. The Syonin
6. Tears of Sylph
7. First Step Towards Wars
8. Roda
9. Palace
10. Holders of Power
11. Palace of Destruction
12. Beat of the Terror
13. Tower of the Shadow of Death
14. Chase of Shadow
15. Devil’s Wind
16. Dreaming
17. Tension
18. The Last Moment of the Dark
19. Final Battle
20. Rest in Peace (Ys1)
21. The Morning Grow
22. See You Again
23. Open Your Heart (Ys1)
24. So Much for Today (Ys1)
25. Feena (Harmonica Ys1)
26. Open Your Heart (Title)
27. To Make the End of Battle
28. Lilia
29. Too Full With Love
30. Apathetic Story
31. May I Help You?
32. Feel Blue
33. Ruins of Moondoria
34. Noble District of Toal
35. Rest in Peace (Ys2)
36. Cavern of Rasteenie
37. Protectors
38. Ice Ridge of Noltia
39. Inside the Ice Wall
40. Moat of Burnedbless
41. Colony of Lava
42. Tender People
43. Fair Wind
44. Palace of Salmon
45. Subterranean Canal
46. Companile of Lane
47. Battle Ground
48. Over Drive
49. Pressure Road
50. Don’t Go So Smoothly!
51. Feena (Harmonica Ys2)
52. Termination
53. A Still Time
54. Stay With Me Forever
55. Feena (End Title)
56. So Much For Today (Ys2)

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