[Throwback Thursday] Legacy of the Wizard

Source: Black Rabite @ Gamefaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/587404-legacy-of-the-wizard/images/screen-25)
Source:Black Rabite @ Gamefaqs

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When people ask what my first Falcom game is, I sometimes have to ask “the first game I played *knowingly* as a Falcom game?” –that would kind of be Ys III, since I sought that one out to actually play.

But first game I had ever played from Falcom? That would be Legacy of the Wizard, released on the NES in 1989.

And the game itself wasn’t my first encounter- it was the Nintendo Power article I found on the game, actually. I was curious about it, but I hadn’t quite “got” the idea of most RPGs.

As an aside, Final Fantasy, for example was WILDLY bewildering to me. “How do you get to the enemy on the other side??” -I didn’t quite get how turn based games really worked at the time. I promise.

I got to rent this game for a bit, but I never really pushed to actually purchase it beyond several rentals. Why? Because it was so hard.

This game has a unique mechanic of picking different members of the family and using their abilities to explore a massive labyrinth of platforming hell. Some jump higher, some hit harder, and some have projectile attacks- all of these in multiple combinations.

Source: Black Rabite @ Gamefaqs
Source: Black Rabite @ Gamefaqs

Even to this day I still find this game AMAZINGLY hard. But I have a better appreciation for it. I love playing it, despite the fact that I get lost throughout its endless maps and monsters and forget where I need to go next. I seriously need a map for this game, and is amazing.

I’ve never had the chance to play the original version, though. I’m planning to preorder the upcoming DragonSlayer box- one of the reasons is because I *want* the original version so I can, once again, play it over and over and NEVER BEAT IT.

I guess that’s the story of my life with this game.

The first person I ever met that had beat it though? My best friend’s mom. I feel so sad!

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

DragonSlayer IV: Drasle Family on MSX:

[ Image Source @ Gamefaqs ]

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