Two New Commercials for Ao no Kiseki Evolution


Twonew commercials were recently televised with new footage of the Ao no Kiseki Evolution opening in them. They reiterate information that’s already known about the enhancements to the game’s graphics and the full voice features.

Ao no Kiseki Evolution 15 Second Commercial

Ao no Kiseki Evolution 30 Second Commercial
Please note that is an Ao no Kiseki spoiler in this video.

[ Ao no Kiseki Evolution Official Website ]

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3 Replies to “Two New Commercials for Ao no Kiseki Evolution”

  1. Yeow, that is one hell of a spoiler in the second video. I guess they’re assuming the majority of gamers have already heard all the twists one way or another.

    1. actually looks like the opening spoil the entire game xD…but yeah .. Ao is from 2011 no big problem here :v
      the problem is goin to be sen 2 from falcom :v if u didnt play sen before sen 2 PV come out u r dead x_x

  2. There’s just no getting around /that/ but if you’re looking at a PV for something called Sen II and you haven’t played the first game, you’re kind of asking for it. ;-)

    Actually, that this included a spoiler at all is odd because they obviously blurred out certain things in the first PV. Beyond that rather big one, there’s really nothing here that wasn’t in one of the original Ao trailers. In fact, the shot of the Aions is right from Ao, only with the pan down replaced by the new style.

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