Falcom jdk Band Live & Talk Show 3 to be Live Streamed on Nico Douga


Titled,”Discover the Hidden Link Between Ao no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II~” -the next Falcom jdk Band Live and Talk Show will happen at the regular Loft Plus One venue on 6/8/2014. The doors will open at 18:00 Japan Time (5am Eastern), and the event starts at 19:00 (6am Eastern).

Tickets were on sale for 2000 yen each, but the event has long since sold out. If you want to see the event, though. You’re still in luck. It’s viewable on Nico Douga through a live stream, just like the others have been.*

*I know the link goes to the Loft Plus One channel. As of writing this (6/3/2014), the nicodouga page itself hasn’t gone live.

There will also be a raffle that the Nico Douga viewers can participate in.

To apply, there will be a keyword spoken at some point during the Live- take note of this word. After the conclusion of the event, visit the entry page where you can type in the keyword on the form. This will enter you into the online raffle. (Also, if you aren’t subscribed to the Falcom News Express email newsletter, this will also subscribe you to it.)

This form will be open from 6/8/2014 ~ 6/16/2014 9:00am Japan time. The 75 winners will be contacted by email on 6/16/2014. You will have a month to respond to them to confirm information for your prize.

6/6/2014 EDIT: The Nico Douga link is live!


Prizes include:
Zwei!! Super Arrange Version (25 winners)
Original Soundtrack Dinosaur ~Resurrection~ (25 winners)
Dinosaur FM Sound Complete Version (25 winners)

* With every batch of 25 CDs, 5 of them will be signed. Will you be lucky enough to get one of the signed ones??
* Any of the signed CDs will be opened.

[ Falcom jdk Band Live & Talk Show Official Page ]

4 Replies to “Falcom jdk Band Live & Talk Show 3 to be Live Streamed on Nico Douga”

  1. I like how Jindo and Okajima are signing 12-year-old albums they didn’t work on. I also like how Falcom never released the FM Towns version of the Dinosaur soundtrack and the fact that instead we got that soulless “FM Oscillator Version”.

    Hint: I don’t.

    1. I can’t give an answer on the second part, but I think the first part has to do to product availability for signing. I’ve run into that as well with giveaways at jobs I’ve held, and in trying to acquire prizes for Extra Life. Then there’s also the fact that part of the reason that the two of them are signing is because they’re actively involved in the event itself that is related to the raffle for these items.

      1. It would be totally fine it they were signing something like, I dunno, the Zanmai albums or Jindo signing the Vantage Master Portable and Brandish: The Dark Revenant OSTs for example, since they provided arrangements for these, but that’s not this case. Honestly, I find this kind of discourteous for the people behind the composition and arranging work of these three albums they are signing, as they had nothing to do with the composing and arranging of them. It also doesn’t help that Jindo and Okajima have never scored anything for Falcom so far, as they are just freelance artists and have never been part of Falcom’s sound team either (they do both count as members of jdk Band though).

        The people behind the production of these albums should be signing them IMO. Wishful thinking on my part though, since most of them left Falcom years ago. I think Sonoda (one of Zwei!!’s original composers and also did arranging work for both Dinosaur Resurrection and Zwei!! SAV) and Ishikawa (one of Dinosaur’s composers) are the only ones still in the company.

        Regarding Dinosaur FM Towns: The FM Towns soundtrack is practically the same as the PC-88 (the one available in Music From Dinosaur), but it sounds far more complete and better IMO. Such a shame Falcom never published this music, which is weird because they did release the FM Towns version of the Brandish soundtrack (and also unnecessary due to being mostly the same the PC-98 soundtrack but with a few small variations here and there).

        1. Again, as I said before with it, I think the album selection is probably based on availability of what’s in the store and what they’re free to give away. My guess? The album selection is based on overstocked albums. This is usually what happens in these cases. It’s an opportunity for the company to unload some things that they have too much of and need to get out of their inventory.

          Seeing unrelated albums like that being used in a drawing means that they’re probably not selling that well, and they need to make room for more inventory.

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