Introducing Akatsuki no Kiseki, the Kiseki Series Online Project, Starting in 2015


Genre: Story RPG
Service Starts: 2015
Management: USERJOY Japan
Development: UserJoy Technology

As part of the tenth anniversary of the Kiseki series, Falcom has decided to launch an online project, called Akatsuki no Kiseki. It has an original story that will begin in the Crossbell region, and travel to Liberl, and introduce Remiferia to the setting.

EDIT: New information as promised!
This game is part of a cooperative development with the USERJOY Group. USERJOY Group belongs to the Taiwanese based company, UserJoy Technology, and this won’t be the first time that the two companies have worked together. In 2004 and 2006, Falcom localized to Japan the two games Genso Sangokushi and Genso Sangokushi II, both of which were developed UserJoy Technology.

UserJoy primarily develops PC games, so while there isn’t a stated platform yet, it’s possible that this will be the same as well.

It follows Nahato, a boy wishing to become a Bracer. On the day of his certification exam, he meets an unusual black haired girl. Chloe is also a Bracer in training, traveling from Liberl to meet her requirements. The two unexpectedly begin their exam together, and are sent to the Geofront by Michel of the Crossbell Branch of the Bracers Guild for it. This marks the beginning of a magnificent adventure for this rugged team.

It will feature two characters, both designed by Haccan. Haccan is the artist behind the cover for Sora no Kiseki the 3rd, and the newer artwork for the Kai HD version covers of FC and SC.

Nacht Weiss
An aspiring Bracer of unknown nationality. He tries to avoid standing out as much as he can, but as he gets wrapped into trouble with Chloe, who has a completely opposite personality to him.

Chloe Barnett
An aspiring Bracer from the Liberl Kingdom, she has an unyielding and powerful sense of justice. As she wanted to become a Bracer, she dropped out from the Jenis Royal Academy to take her qualification exam.

There are very little details as to the type of game (other than online) and whether or not Falcom will be involved in development on the title. I expect an investors report to show up tonight/tomorrow regarding it- if there is more information there, I will pull from that and add to the article.

[EDIT: I’m using the Romanization for Nacht’s name from @overthebarrier – It’s way better than mine!]

[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]

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4 Replies to “Introducing Akatsuki no Kiseki, the Kiseki Series Online Project, Starting in 2015”

  1. Judging from what looks like a trigger guard and a grip, looks like Nacht is wielding a axe gun. The sights even look a bit like the parts of a flintlock.

    Can’t remember the details, but wasn’t there a Chloe mentioned in FC or SC during the Jenis sections?

    1. To be honest, I don’t remember exactly. There WAS a “Kloe” in the English release of Trails, as that’s what XSEED translated Klose’s name to. But I don’t recall a Chloe in there. I’ll dig around in the Special Collection Book to see if they list her in the NPCs though.

  2. I checked my copy and didn’t see her listed as an NPC anywhere in Ruan. She’s probably invented for the game and we can assume that she was always there, just never seen (like the many thousands of people living in Crossbell that weren’t NPCs). There was a Chloe in Sen though, part of Laura’s little fanclub in Legram.

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