[Administration] Extra Life 2014 Is Coming Soon


It’sgetting close to that time again. This year, on October 25th, I will be participating in my fifth Extra Life alongside the rest of Sanctuary Crew Gaming. Extra Life is a 24-hour marathon of gaming with the intention to raise money for the Children’s Medical Network hospitals to help combat pediatric cancer.

This will be the one time I will make requests for money extensively, but in this case, it will not be for myself. I will be playing for the Children’s Medical Center located in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. This hospital has done so much for the community here, and many children that have grown up here, like myself, have been influenced by it in one way or another.

I will, most likely, play a number of Falcom games come this year’s Extra Life. There may also be an attempt to stomach Castlevania Lords of Shadow as the Sanctuary Crew seems to absolutely love to see me suffer. This will, of course, be streamed live.

But in the end, it will be worth it. My suffering over a terrible game can’t be anywhere near what these kids that we play for go through everyday.

As we get closer, Sanctuary Crew will probably be running some raffles. My close connections with members of XSEED Games has allowed me to get some codes for the past two years- and it will definitely be something that I try to do again this year. I might even have some codes that are relevant to the interests of my readers~ Stay tuned!

You can donate any amount- though the recommended is $1 per hour of the marathon, totaling to $24. I will not see the money, as it goes directly to the Children’s Miracle Network to be sent to my selected hospital. So there’s no worry about me taking money from you. If you are interested in pitching some money towards the event for me, please check out the link at the top of the sidebar.

I hope to see everyone drop by during the stream! I’ll post more details as I learn more!

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