Gurumin Up For Greenlight on Steam


Gurumin,Falcom’s wild comedy ‘drill adventure’ game, is finally coming to Steam. Currently, it is a greenlight title, but if we spread the word, we can drum up enough interest to show that fans want more Falcom games on the digital storefront.

The game, ported to the PSP in Japan in 2006, and in North America in 2007 was originally released on PC in 2004. The PSP version featured a slightly different combat engine over the original PC version- though the game was primarily unchanged. However, ten years later, the opportunity for the title to be released on Steam has come.

Please see the Steam website for it, and vote!

Many thanks to @PixyJunket for the heads up on this!

EDIT: If you vote Yes for it, and sign up for the Gurumin group with a message that you voted yes, if the game gets greenlit, you will be able to receive a copy for free.

[ Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure – Steam Greenlight ]

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2 Replies to “Gurumin Up For Greenlight on Steam”

  1. This is both great and surprising.

    I’m just afraid that with all the free keys, Mastiff will come out with a loss.

    It’s not like they have a backlog of other PC games they can get people’s attention to..

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