Symphony Ys -21st Century- Available Digitally on Amazon


Falcomhas released this particular symphonic arrangement album of various famous themes from Ys I and II to Amazon. This particular album is not a regularly sold one as it has been given away as a limited edition item with one of their games. Now is your opportunity to get it at an amazingly low price.

As always, the links in this article are for, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on, if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

This album is available for .99. The individual tracks are .29 each.

1. First Movement (To Make the End of Battle / Feena / Rest in Peace)
2. Second Movement (Noble District of Toal / Ice Ridge of Noltia / Moat of Burnedbless)
3. Third Movement (Too Full with Love / Lilia / Apathetic Story)
4. Fourth Movement (Palace of Salmon / Companile of Lane / Termination / Feena)

You can purchase the album digitally here.

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