Tachikawa City Events with Nihon Falcom – Banners at Tachikawa Station and Falcom Radio Event

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TachikawaCity, a suburb of Tokyo (and the home town where Falcom’s headquarters are located), has recently had a number of events to celebrate the anime makers in their area. This time around, they are going through a series of events to celebrate the game makers- and this does, of course, include Falcom with the celebrations.

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Falcom established their original shop in 1981 in Tachikawa City, and has been working out of the suburb since. For the first phase of the collaborative efforts to celebrate the company, banners for Sen no Kiseki II, which is seeing release on 9/25/2014, have been hung from the lamp posts around the rail station.


The next announced portion of the celebration will be a live recording of Falcom Radio on 10/25/2014. Kaori Mizuhashi and Kanako Kotera will have a live event at the Tachikawa Anican. As the event is still in the planning stages, details have yet to be revealed.

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