The Legend of Xanadu Original Soundtrack Now Available Digitally on Amazon


Finally,the three disc soundtrack for The Legend of Xanadu can be purchased online through Amazon.

As always, the links in this article are for, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on, if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

This album is available for .99. The individual tracks are $.99 each.


Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3
1. Start Screen 1. The Demon of the Lake 1. The Town of Dragonflies
2. Open Sasami 2. Toon Temple 2. Code of the Hero
3. Peaceful Living 3. A False God 3. Rialla
4. The Spiral Stair of Hope 4. Toon 4. in the Name of Ishtar
5. Prologue 5. The Silent Shore 5. Power Beyond Even God
6. The Beginning of the Legend 6. Attending to the Royal City 6. Brothers – the Blood of Aineas
7. Ikthia – The Summer of Youths 7. The Cave of Fascination 7. The Holy Spirit
8. Welcome 8. A Beautiful Prize 8. Wings of Pride
9. Shop 9. Beauty is a Trap 9. The Silent Tower
10. The Sleeping Cave 10. Sophia 10. Chaotic Sanctuary
11. Dawn of Makria 11. Parthia Port 11. The Ordeal
12. The Awakening of the Sealed Ones 12. The Voice of the Sacred Wind 12. In Search of Hope
13. One Who Disturbs the Slumber 13. Wedding 13. Dardandis
14. Vomit 14. Beneath the Temple 14. Wings of Darkness
15. Song of Victory 15. Parthia 15. Companions and Reunions
16. Theo & Melleina 16. The Smile of the Breeze 16. Kleene
17. The Church 17. The Whisper of the Breeze 17. Wings of Freedom
18. Until We Can Meet 18. Sophia (PSG Ver.) 18. Ending
19. Ship 19. Aineas 19. Like a Wind
20. The Cave of Despair 20. The Cursed Beauty 20. In the Wind
21. The Power of Friendship 21. Alexandra 21. Theo and Melleina (PSG Ver.)
22. Meidouble 22. The Holy Sword of Legend 22. Desert Wind (PSG Ver.)
23. Forever 23. Wind of Grief  
24. The Road to Victory 24. The Pirates’ Song – Arios Version  
25. Xarkas 25. The Pirates’ Song – Nous Version  
26. Makria Castle 26. Gymnos  
27. Trap 27. Zead (PSG Ver.)  
28. Defeat Your Old Nemesis 28. Burning Saranda  
29. Jemeux Mouvais 29. Lemini = Drago  
30. Kakos 30. Zead  
31. Makria in Celebration 31. Enas  
32. The Legend of the Wind 32. Dakru  
33. The Evil Dragon Reborn 33. Through Ice and Snow  
34. A Deep Enigma 34. The Ice Tower  
35. Black Light 35. A Castle Without a Master  
36. Yeti 36. I Am Flybrute  
37. The Ice Cave 37. Successor  
38. Arctic Wind 38. Ramabard  
39. Glacies 39. I Hope We Can Meet  
40. New Companions 40. Thoughts, Once More  
41. Prisme 41. With Wind  
  42. A Bird Crossing the Desert  
  43. The God of the Four Winds  
  44. Fu-Ku-Za-Tsu Pyular  
  45. Harp  
  46. Harp – Hearer  
  47. Desert Wind  

You can purchase the album digitally here.

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This album is also available on iTunes, mora,, and Recochoku.

One Reply to “The Legend of Xanadu Original Soundtrack Now Available Digitally on Amazon”

  1. Such an underrated soundtrack. There are some real classics on it, like The Demon of the Lake, A Bird Crossing the Desert, The God of the Four Winds etc.

    I hope Falcom does a Legend of Xanadu Zanmai or something one day.

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