New Information on the English Releases of Brandish: the Dark Revenant and Trails in the Sky SC


Weall know that mum’s been the word with XSEED and the English releases of Brandish: the Dark Revenant, and Trails in the Sky Second Chapter- granted this may be a case of ‘not having much to say’ at the time regarding them.

Regarding Second Chapter, we’ve known that they’ve been saying “sometime end of 2014, early 2015” – however, 2014 is currently drawing to a close with us going into November here in a few days. The fact that there’s no word on this yet is not a surprise, however…. Tom has commented directly on this topic on the XSEED forums:

Officially, our latest announcement said 2014. But unofficially, we’re realizing more and more by the day that there’s like, zero chance we’re going to make it before 2015. You definitely have enough time to finish FC, unfortunately. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but best not to get your hopes up for a 2014 release — sorry!

As of this point, it looks like we may not be seeing a 2014 release of Second Chapter, but considering the size of the text, this may or may not entirely be a surprise. This much has been confirmed by Andrew Dice (@SpaceDrakeCF) of Carpe Fulgur on in a couple of tweets, as well:

Regarding Brandish: the Dark Revenant, Tom has also been talkative on it and a possible release period sometime around December 2014. Some of his comments on it from a thread on neogaf include:

It’s still coming! Falcom’s just been busy with Sen no Kiseki II in Japan until recently. But now that that’s out, they should be a bit more free to help us get Brandish ready for release. It’s been a looooong time coming, but as anyone who’s played it can attest, the wait is absolutely worth it. It’s pure dungeon-crawling bliss!

In response to a possible release date, Tom also had this to say on this subject:

If we’re still able to make 2014 at this rate, I think it’s safe to say it won’t be until sometime in December. But it’s impossible to give a release date or even a release window until we’re a little farther along in testing. So hoooopefully, soon.

If you have any questions regarding EU release and/or the ability to download the game on PSN, Tom’s got you covered there, too:

I don’t think you’ll have much to worry about with Brandish or Trails 2, however — I think it’s pretty likely that we’ll be pursuing a PSN release in EU ourselves, as we have with the majority of our past Falcom PSP titles. And considering we’re anticipating most people will be playing these games on their Vitas due to the much higher install base, we would be pretty pissed if we were told our games weren’t going to be downloadable onto Vita, as that would basically kill any sales potential the games might otherwise have.

To add to this, the header image for XSEED’s twitter account has been changed to show Brandish, as seen in the above image.

Additional news has come out that we can use the state of Jess’ hair to determine the preparation of the release of Second Chapter. As of this point, I have been alerted that it is one inch away from “FC length.”

When her hair is finally cut, then we know that it will officially be ready for release. Until we see proof of this haircut, everything else is hairsay.

Disclaimer: This may or may not have been influenced by @HProtagonista and the fact that I’ve heard way too many puns from @Firehawke.

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