Sen no Kiseki II Demo Version Released on PSN

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Ifyou haven’t had the opportunity to play Sen no Kiseki II yet, or are on the fence on whether or not you want to jump in on it for one reason or another, this is your chance to get to play through part of the game without having to purchase it first.

While I have no confirmation personally, one way or another, Falcom has in the past allowed the save files from the demo versions to carry over to the retail version. This will probably have a similar situation as well.

Note: As of this point, I’m unable to see the demo itself on PSN, but this should be updating soon.

EDIT: Thanks to @rssnake on twitter for pointing out that this is a Playstation Plus special. The general release of the demo will be out soon after.

EDIT #2: Looks like this may actually be the general release of the demo, as the PS+ version has been out for some time. The PS store has yet to update in Japan, so the demo may not be live yet.

FINAL EDIT: Famitsu shows that the release date of the demo is for 10/29- this simply means that as of this point, the PS Store just hasn’t updated with the demo yet. And a shoutout also to @jourdal, @Zharkiel, and @HiagoXYZ for helping me keep my head straight with this!

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