Falcom Calendar Updated for Jan 2015


With2015 around the corner, Falcom has updated their calendar to have the Jan 2015 wallpaper on it. This wallpaper features Falcom Academy SC, with the characters and marks the date of its airing as well as the other product being released this Jan.

The calendar itself has also had these two items added:
1/4 – TV Anime, “Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy SC”
1/21 – Falcom Character Songs Collection Vol. 1 – Estelle Bright (cv: Akemi Kanda)

They have also added the following dates for holidays. On these dates, Falcom will be closed for vacation:
12/23 – Emperor’s Birthday
12/27 ~ 1/4 – New Year Holiday

As a result, we can expect the end of the year special to be announced either just before or just after. Possibly with the holiday during the ordering period.

The wallpaper can be found in the following resolutions:

At some point in January, all of the 2014 calendar wallpapers should be made available without the calendar data on Falcom’s website.

[ Falcom Calendar Page ]

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