Falcom Entering the Chinese Mobile App Market in 2015


Falcomhas entered an agreement with NASDAQ listed company, Changyou.com Limited, to release multiple titles on mobile platforms over the next several years starting in 2015.

Furthermore, this contract will lead to continuation of titles in 2016 and onward. The market for mobile applications and games in China far exceeds that of the market in Japan, as such it was far better to simply target the Chinese market for these developed titles.

Per Changyou’s website, the company is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, under the code CYOU, and their name means ‘Good Gaming.’ They operate several Chinese-based MMO’s, as well as mobile games, and their title Tian Long Ba Bu has won several awards. They also run the Chinese gaming web portal 17173.com.

[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]
[ Changyou Limited Website ]

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