Yet Another Domain Registered by XSEED Games:


Whilethis may not lead to anything, another domain that has been spotted in the batch this time around is

Is this related to the Kiseki series, due to the use of ‘Trails’ in the title? There’s no information on this. If you search the domain, there aren’t any clues there to give us any answers regarding this either, as you can see below.


For now, please take this information with a grain of salt, as there’s been nothing to imply one way or another from XSEED, but if this is related to the Trails games, we need to look at the context of the title. Zero and Ao no Kiseki would make absolutely no sense with this title, nor would Nayuta no Kiseki. This leaves us with Falcom’s most recent arc in the series, Sen no Kiseki, released on PS3 and PS Vita- especially when looking back to Kondo’s definition of ‘Sen’ as being ‘the flash of a swiftly drawn blade.’

tilinelson2 also asked if it might be related to SC, but that’s known as Trails in the Sky SC, so it’s an interesting thought regarding the connection, but considering the context of the title, I don’t think it fits Second Chapter at all, personally.

Regardless, thanks, once again, to Nool and tilinelson2 on the XSEED Forums.

@jdkluv has also pointed out the title of Sen no Kiseki’s battle theme: ‘The Glint of Cold Steel.’ Good catch on that one!

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  1. Would be pretty confusing to skip that many games. Also feels presumptuous to be registering domains when they haven’t even released snk sc yet.

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