Falcom Bisco Boxes and Tokyo Xanadu Calendar to be Released in December


Falcom has revealed that they will be, once again, releasing some Falcom character ‘Bisco’ boxes. Biscos are Glico’s popular cream filled cookies, and Falcom has had boxes of them released with their characters on the wrappers.


In this case, they have two boxes: the Falcom Character Bisco All-Stars box vol. 2, and a Tokyo Xanadu box.

At 3200 yen each, each box contains 20 packages, with each package containing 5 cookies. Falcom will only be taking preorders until 11/29, with the boxes themselves released on 12/24.


Item #2 that’s been revealed is the 2016 desk calendar, this one themed with Tokyo Xanadu. It will contain 6 cards, each with an image on the front and back, along with dates. It will also have a stand to be put together to use the calendar on the desk.

[ Falcom Online Shop Product Page – Falcom Character Bisco All-Stars Box vol 2 ]
[ Falcom Online Shop Product Page – Tokyo Xanadu Bisco Box ]
[ Falcom Online Shop Product Page – Tokyo Xanadu 2016 Calendar ]

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