[EDITORIAL] Introducing a New Feature Column: Translation Tuesday


If you hadn’t noticed the little random teasing images, or the announcement on Friday, then I am pleased to introduce a new series that will come to Endless History, a column called Translation Tuesday.

Translation Tuesday will happen (hopefully) every other Tuesday, starting on December 8, 2015. It will contain some piece of Falcom lore, material, or data related to anything in their games. Translations may be done by myself or other guests.

To start, I have been working with @Gu4n from twitter on translations of some of the ‘doors’ in Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky the 3rd, which are the big lore events for the series. The doors that have been selected are actually relevant to Trails of Cold Steel, which should be released by XSEED soon, so people can have that information going into the game if they’re interested in it.


Some of these will either be all text, maybe edited and translated images (or comics), or subtitled videos. The plans will be over all sorts of media, as Falcom has proven to have a cross-media look on things, and these things are rarely brought up alongside the games.

There are a lot of possibilities to keep going forward with this column, so please stay tuned for the upcoming articles!

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