[Translation Tuesday] Trails in the Sky the 3rd – Star Door #8 (Part 1)


Once more with feeling: this video contains spoilers referencing the end of Trails in the Sky SC. If you are avoiding spoilers for that game, you should wait to watch this video after you’ve finished the game.

I know I’m a day late. Hopefully, the next one won’t be so unfortunate.

We’re near the end of the side stories out of 3rd that Guan and I’ve planned on working, but we’ve been saving one of the longest, and most intricate ones for last. This door takes place after the ending of Trails in the Sky SC and focuses on bringing up the details of the conflict between Olivier and Chancellor Giliath Osborne of Erebonia. What is seen in this door is heavily referenced in Trails of Cold Steel and relays a great deal of the impact regarding the two challenging each other in the game.

Due to the length of the video, the full door’s events have been split in two. The rest will be the next Translation Tuesday episode on March 8th.

Translation: Guan
Editing: Guan / omgfloofy
Capture / Timing: omgfloofy
Proofing: Guan / Yotaka

(video link removed – go play Trails in the Sky the 3rd!)

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  1. Thank you for your hard work!! :D :D
    Can’t wait for the next translation, Olivier looks much better in his prince outfit and his hair tied! :D

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