Preorder for Limited Edition Falcom 35th Anniversary Tea Cup Open Through 4/10/2016


Falcom has revealed that they are releasing a limited edition Japanese style tea cup to celebrate the company’s 35th anniversary this year. This cup is designed using traditional lettered designs for ceramic tea cups.

This product has a limited availability. You must get your preorder in by 4/10, or you will not be guaranteed to get one. They will be manufactured according to the number of preorders they receive.

The cup cannot be shipped internationally. (Editor’s Note: there are ways for international fans to go through special channels to get domestic-only shipped products. However, I suspect that this is more due to the fact that the cup may be fragile and they can’t guarantee its safety in shipping.)


Falcom’s 35th anniversary will be on 3/9/2016. As you can see in the above image, the cup is lined with the names of Falcom’s games around the side.

Once the manufacturing is complete, the cups are expected to ship out sometime in the middle of May, though as with all manufactured products, it’s very likely that this can also be delayed.

Falcom has made the teacup available for international order!

[ Falcom Online Store – Product Page ]

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