Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution Website Updated With Character Info and Release Window


Last night, the Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution Website was updated with new artwork, simple character profiles, system information, a release window, and pricing.

As the young Bracers’ journey ends, a new journey for a young man begins.
One of unforgettable memories, with atonement in the heart.

Editor’s Note: Please note that there are spoilers for SC in the character descriptions!


Standard Release


Platform: PlayStation Vita
Release Date: July 2017
Genre: Story RPG
Players: 1 player
CERO: Rating Pending
Pricing: PlayStation Vita Card: 5800 yen; Download Version: 4800 yen.
Publisher: Kadokawa Games
Original Work and Music: Nihon Falcom
Art and — Chara-Ani and Nihon Falcom
Developer: Baon D.B.

Limited Edition Set


The limited edition will contain the game with original contents. The confirmed contents are:

  • Original Drama CD
  • Supplementary Data Book


Unfortunately, at this time, there is no artwork for the additional items. This will be revealed over time, as we get closer to the release date.

This set will be going for 8800 yen.

Sora no Kiseki Trilogy Set


This is a special limited edition set only for sale on the Chara-Ani website. Not only will you get all three games, this set will also contain:

  • Supplementary Data Books
  • Two Anime DVDs: “Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy FC / SC
  • Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution Rubber Straps FC Set / SC Set
  • Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution Leather Pencil Case
  • Original Drama CD


The price is currently unannounced.


The Holy City of Arteria

world01 This is a city-state that is the high seat of the Septian Church, the religion that worships Aidios, the goddess of the sky. It is located in heart of the Zemuria continent, and it is said to be a holy land where the church’s many followers and clergy assemble.

Among others, there are three factions within the Septian Church: The Congregation for Divine Worship, which survives the rites and worship within the church, the Congregation for the Sacraments, in which the Gralsritter belong, and the Papal Guard that protect the city-state itself.

The Gralsritter

world02 A secret organization of knights within the Septian Church that specializes in the recovery of dangerous Artifacts.

They are made up of about a thousand people, as knights and squires, and beyond them are twelve special knights known as the Dominion. Kevin and Ries are a knight and squire. Furthermore, they also have use of the Merkahbah, special stealth-capable high speed airships.

The Reinford Group

world03 The Reinford Company is Erebonia’s larget heavy-industry manufacturer.

Originally specializing in the production of gunpowder, heavy artillery, and heavy weapons, with the invention of orbments they expanded their work to include orbal guns and orbal weaponry on top of orbal railroads and airships.

Along with their competitor, the Verne Group from Calvard, they have grown to be one of the two largest orbal manufacturers in the world.

The Lucitania

world04 The Lucitania is the long-awaited luxury cruise-liner manufactured by the Reinford Group.

Boasting a 120 arge length, this ship is four times the length of any of the cruise liners from Liberl, and travels at a cruising speed of 700 CE/h (whereas the Liberl cruise-liners travel at 900 CE/h). On board, there is a grand exhibition room, a party hall, casino, and library. There, many nobles and the wealthy come together for a masquerade ball.

The Arca of Recluse

world05This mysterious Artifact was fished out of Lake Valleria after the destruction of Liber-Ark six months ago.

It is big enough to fit in the palm of a person’s hand and has intricate etchings all over its body. It was glowing when it was salvaged from the lake, but since then its power has disappeared.


The Characters of Sora no Kiseki Return to the Stage

pic-1 This time, the game follows Kevin and Ries from Arteria.

Those who played the previous title will get full enjoyment out of this game, but the story of this particular episode is standalone so it does not require playing the other games to fully enjoy it.

Potential Confrontations of Your Dreams

pic-2 Many characters from FC and SC will make their appearance in 3rd’s setting. As these events play out, you may see many of the showdowns that you could have only dreamed of!

Players will have the largest selection of 16 characters for this new journey!

pic-3 This time around, the game will have the largest character selection of all of the Sora no Kiseki trilogy, with 16 characters. Estelle, Joshua, and Kloe from FC, as well as familiar faces from SC, and some new characters will be joining the party. On top of that, 3rd will be introducing many new Crafts and S-Crafts.

The Quick and Familiar System of the Series Returns!

pic-4 The new orbments and updated battle system features of the Evolution series will be returning for this game.


Kevin Graham


CV: Ryohei Nakao
Age: 22

Kevin is a wandering priest of the Septian Church, and one of the knights of the Gralsritter. Half a year ago, though he was involved in assisting Estelle and the others during the Aureole incident (Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution), and despite seeking a method for his true goal, he was able to assist with his cool-headedness and reliability.

He is the fifth of the twelve knights within the Gralsritter known as the Dominion. With the alias of the ‘Heretic Hunter,’ he has a fearsome true strength.

Ries Argent


CV: Houko Kuwashima
Age: 18

Ries is a sister of the Septian Church, and a squire within the Gralsritter. She was raised in a gospel facility (one of the church’s orphanages) alongside Kevin. Rufina was her sister, and killed in an incident five years ago. Ries’ hobbies are eating and reading through the scriptures of the church. In combat, she is skilled in freely using the temple sword, an extending blade.

Estelle Bright


CV: Akemi Kanda
Age: 17

One of the people involved in resolving the recent incident half a year ago, Estelle is a full Bracer from the Liberl Kingdom. Though much of her noviceness has faded, her kind-hearted nature is the same as always.

Currently, she and her partner, Joshua, have set out from Liberl and have begun to travel to various guilds throughout the Erebonia Empire. Her work this time around, with Joshua, involves tracking someone down.

Joshua Bright


CV: Mitsuki Saiga
Age: 17

Joshua was once a member of the Ouroboros, with the alias, ‘Black Fang.’ Half a year ago, he was able to overcome his sad separation with Estelle, and has begun a new journey with her.

This time around, he’s returned to the Bracer Guild, and with Estelle as his partner, the two have been traveling together. At this point, they are searching for someone through various connections and intelligence networks.



CV: Rumiko Nishihara
Age: 12

Renne was Enforcer No. XV, the ‘Angel of Slaughter’ with the Ouroboros. She is a young girl with an unusual ability to take in information all around her and manipulate others. Despite her small size, Renne wields a large scythe and has a massive robot with her, called Pater-Mater.

Half a year ago, she fled with Pater-Mater and has not returned to the Ouroboros- she continues to travel her journey alone.

Anelace Elfead


CV: Masako Okouchi
Age: 19

This young bracer has a strong love for cute things and her hobbies include collecting stuffed animals, sports-like activities, and- of course- practicing with her sword when her work is complete. She makes it a point to diligent keep up with her training with her weapon.

This girl originally was receiving letters from her grandfather, who was lived in Liberl. In fact, it is known that her grandfather was the teacher of the Grand Chevelier, Cassius Bright…

Alan Richard


CV: Hiroaki Miura
Age: 35

Originally a colonel within the Liberl Royal Army, Richard was the individual responsible for the coup d’etat in Liberl. After the incident, though he was serving his sentence for his treason, he and his subordinates were involved in defending Grancel from a raid by the Ouroboros. Afterwards, he was pardoned for his achievements.

Currently, Richard has retired from military service, and has returned to his birthplace of Ruan to form the private investigation firm, R&A Research, leading to a new and busy life.

Rufina Argent


CV: Hiromi Tsuru
Age: 22 years old at death

Rufina, who was Ries’ older sister, and an older sister figure to Kevin, died five years ago. She was a member of the Gralsritter, she earned the alias of ‘Thousand Arms’ due to her using every possible means to resolve a situation through peaceful methods. In combat, depending on the situation, she would use either bowgun or temple sword.

Q & A

Where is your contact information?

Please reach out to this support email: [email protected] This is the support contact with Kadokawa Games and Chara-Ani for this specific title. Regarding this title, please do not contact Nihon Falcom for assistance.

Will there be a strategy guide?

There will not be a strategy guide for this game. Please refer to publications that specialize in game information for assistance.

Will this be compatible with the PlayStation VitaTV?

Though there is the possibility of bugs being present for the PlayStation Vita, playing it on the VitaTV should be possible.

Will I enjoy this if I have not played Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution and Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution series on the Vita?

Yes, it is possible to play this game as a standalone title. But if you have played The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution and The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution, save data will transfer to this game.

Am I able to live stream, contribute videos to video sites, or blog about this game?

Outside of the situation regarding game screenshots, any game video, music, can be displayed by news organizations through special permissions. However, consent is not given for individuals wishing to contribute data regarding these items. Unauthorized live broadcasts of this game are not permitted.

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