New DLC Packs Added to PSN for Trails of Cold Steel II


Two more DLC packs for Trails of Cold Steel II have gone up on PSN today.

The first of the two is the Tenth Anniversary Set, which is available for free. This set contains 12 Anniversary Mishy hug-accessories, and the Anniversary orbment cover. These are seen in the image above.

The second of the two is the Mega Bundle II. This bundle is $19.99 and contains the following:

  • All Free Trial Sets
  • All Sepith Sets
  • All Ingredient Sets
  • All Recovery Item Sets
  • All Zeram Powder Sets
  • All Zeram Capsule Sets
  • All U-Material Sets
  • All Shining Pom Bait Sets

The items collected in this bundle would cost approximately $30 individually, so you are shaving off a third of the cost with the Mega Bundle II.

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