[Site Update] New Column: Fandom Friday


So, I was planning to start highlighting the amazing Falcom fandom. And what was originally going to be a matter of simply writing about things like Scanslation releases, or podcasts…. fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, etc…

But then I realized that I need to take time out of the news with this site to give huge shoutouts to the amazingness that is the Falcom fandom. I have firmly believed, for quite some time now, that this is one of the best fandoms I’ve ever encountered in my years of being an anime and video game fan.


So this is me giving you guys the chance to have some play in everything.

As a result, this will also be a column that occurs every other week, like Translation Tuesday. Except this will be staggered on the weeks without Translation Tuesday posts. (Hopefully, these will be easier for me to follow, as I have far less ‘creating’ work to do these.)

But I’m also not super magical when it comes to tracking down fan work. If you are very much interested in seeing your work featured in one of the Fandom Friday articles, reach out to me and I’ll get back in touch with you to let you know when I’ll feature your work!

You can find the form to contact me here. It’ll also be available in the dropdown menu at the top, under ‘About Us.’

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