We Love Sora no Kiseki Arrange Album Announced for Release on 11/9/2016


Falcom has announced the upcoming release of a new arrange album titled ‘We Love Sora no Kiseki.’ This new album will feature new arrangements and recordings of popular songs from Sora no Kiseki series, which had its first title released 12 years ago in 2004.

This album will be released on 11/9 and will be available for both regular purchase, download purchase, and hi-res purchase through e-okyo, mora, and music.jp.

The album is also available for preorder on Falcom’s online store.

Tracklist is below the cut.

Track Title
1 Introduction -Sora no Kiseki-
2 Amber Pursuit (Where the Stars Are)
3 The Feeling of Dancing With the Wind (Field Medley)
4 Sophisticated Fight
5 Within the Heart
6 Dawn at Annenberg (Grancel Castle)
7 Blossoming in the Capital (Fanfare ~ Challenger ~ Rescue)
8 Silver Will
9 Hollow Light of the Sealed Land
10 Release from the Spell, And Then…
11 Where the Stars Are (Remix)

[ Gamer.ne.jp Article ]
[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]

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