[Fandom Friday] 03: Ys Fanart, Kiseki Scanslations, and Ys VIII Cosplay


This week is a small Fandom Friday, but I promise it’s a good one. This one will be pretty focused on Ys, obviously from the title. I have recently come across a brilliant Ys fanart to share, so that has been included in this week’s feature, as well.


First off, I want to show off this brilliant fanart by lunartakiro on DeviantArt. A friend of mine on Facebook stumbled on it, and it made me laugh way too much, so it would be a crime to not share it!

Adol Christin sketch by lunartakiro on DeviantArt

Trails in the Sky Scanslations

Strega Appreciation Society is going at a great pace on their scanslations of the Trails in the Sky manga. Chapters 6 and 7 are now available! Direct downloads can be found on the Strega Appreciation Society website.

You can also view them at the following links on Batoto.
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Ys VIII Cosplay Group

I make it no secret that I follow a particular Japanese Falcom cosplay group! This group is fantastic and has a huge variety of Kiseki games under their belts, but a group of them just recently showed up with some Ys VIII costumes.

The cosplayers involved:

Chino (@tinon_0119 = Adol
Mayo (@mayoppe1103 = Dana
Ao (@aona1120 = Laxia
Ilya (@mogmogpep = Hummel
Fuu (@xxhuuuxx = Kuina and Ricotta

-and the group’s photos were taken by Phi (@empty_set_P).

And while they’ve done a recent photoshoot, it seems that there will be two more added to the group for Winter Comiket this year, as well.

And I will end this post with the group’s ‘traditional’ “Go Fight!” pose.

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