Ys VIII Original Soundtrack Complete and Ys VIII Best Selection Albums Announced

Falcom has announced that they will be releasing two albums for Ys VIII on Aug 9th. The Ys VIII Original Soundtrack Complete will see every track that was found in the PlayStation 4 version of the game- pretty much a complete album of the Ys VIII Original Soundtrack and the Append Collection albums, as well as containing a variety of unused tracks.

Details on the specific albums can be found behind the cut.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana Original Soundtrack Complete

This album contains the full soundtrack for Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana, which was released on 7/21/2016, and includes the additional tracks used in the PlayStation 4 version, such as ‘Hope Alive’ and All-Out Attack!’ This album also includes unused tracks, such as ‘Dana -Everlastingly-‘ and ‘A Pleasant Moment.’

Note: If you are interested in just the PlayStation 4 tracks, you can buy the digital-only Append Album which was released this week and contains just those tracks. There is more about this here.

Item Number: M092
Contents: 3 discs, containing 67 tracks of music
Release Date: 8/9/2017
Price: 3400 yen


Track Title
Disc 1
1 Lacrimosa of Dana -Opening Ver.-
2 Being Slow on the Waves
3 A Modest Banquet at Lombardia
4 Deadly Temptation
5 Sunshine Coastline
6 Whimsical Vacation
7 Smash Up!
8 Alone on the Deserted Island
9 A Waterdrop in the Dark
10 The Drifting Village
11 A Footprint in the Wet Sand
12 Sound of Night
13 Woods of Elevated Coral Reef
14 Lost in Green
15 Eroded Valley
16 Tangled Jungle Trick
17 Mysterious Seiren
18 Invisible Exit
19 Crimson Fighter
20 Ricordo
Disc 2
1 Yesterday in Etania
2 The Sibylline Road
3 Home from Home
4 Overcome the Rocky Path
5 Gens d’Armes
6 Steel Myself for Battle
7 Red Line -021-
8 Obscure Sentence
9 Next Step Toward the Unknown
10 Royal Capital [Aigius]
11 A Slow and Deep Breath
12 Great Plans: Pan-Gaia
13 One Dream, One Reality
14 Neglected Temple
15 Dana
16 Iclucian Dance
17 The Leaning Tower Baja
18 Haunted Ocean
19 Doni Della Terra
20 Crevice of the Archeozoic Era
21 Oceanos
Disc 3
1 Something Evil
2 Endless Crisis
3 Lacrimosa of Dana
4 The Valley of the Kings
5 Garden of Celen
6 You’ll See Out the End of the Tales
7 Corridor of the Lost Aged
8 Volitional Decision
9 Theos-de-Endrogram
10 Maia
11 Abyss Beyond Dreams
12 Origine Della Vita
13 A-to-Z
14 Everlasting Transeunt
15 All-Out Attack!
16 Night Survivor
17 Riddles of the Labryinth
18 At the End of the Disaster
19 Hope Alive
20 Vanishing Trail
21 Dana -Everlastingly-
22 A Pleasant Moment
23 Roda -Orgel-
24 Crystal of Melody
25 Good Night
26 Treasure Box

Ys VIII Best Selection

Also being released at the same time is a collection album, titled the Ys VIII Best Selection. This album is one disc, featuring a careful selection of the most popular tracks from the Ys VIII soundtrack. This will not be a complete album. If you are looking for such, please make sure you are buying the complete album listed above.

Item Number: M093
Contents: 1 disc, containing 18 tracks of music
Release Date: 8/9/2017
Price: 1800 yen


Track Title
1 Lacrimosa of Dana -Opening Ver.-
2 Deadly Temptation
3 Sunshine Coastline
4 Smash Up!
5 A Footprint in the Wet Sand
6 Red Line -021-
7 Ricordo
8 The Sibylline Road
9 Overcome the Rocky Path
10 All-Out Attack!
11 Next Step Toward the Unknown
12 Dana
13 Iclucian Dance
14 Corridor of the Lost Ages
15 Hope Alive
16 Maia
17 A-to-Z
18 Everlasting Transeunt

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