DPS #640 Sen no Kiseki III Update – The Ouroboros Takes Action in Erebonia

The ‘Snake’ begins to move for its counterattack. Dengeki PlayStation issue # 640 unveiled a number of Ouroboros related characters for Sen no Kiseki III. This issue contains spoilers for both Trails of Cold Steel games, and will include spoilers for Ao no Kiseki as well, as I cover the feature at the end of the article.

These spoilers will, as always, be put under spoiler marks.

As an additional note, the featured image is trimmed to avoid a Cold Steel / Cold Steel II spoiler. The full image will be below the cut.

Also, many thanks to Guan and Aliseyun for some help in this article!

“The Crimson War Demon” Shirley Orlando

Age: 18
Voice: Ayana Taketatsu

Ouroboros Enforcer No. XVII. She has a bloodlust that drives her to naturally love battle.

Ao no Kiseki Spoilers
Two years ago, she was a commanding officer of the Red Constellation, the continent’s strongest jaeger group. She brought about fierce combat to both the Crossbell Guardian Force, and the Special Support Section, which her cousin Randolph was affiliated with.

Afterwards, both Shirley and the new Third Anguis were recruited into the Ouroboros. While still a battalion leader for the Red Constellation, she is also doing her duties as an Enforcer.

With the intention to recapture the now stolen Phantasmal Blaze Plan, the new third Anguis has requested that she enter the Erebonian Empire, and now the promise of a new war burns in Shirley’s heart.

Keyword: Bloodlust

The one who relishes in her desire for the flames of battle in all places

Ao no Kiseki Spoilers
When she first appeared in Ao no Kiseki, Shirley was acting as a commanding officer in a diversionary attack near the Mainz Mining town. In order to get a rise out of Rixia, who she knew as the true identity behind the assassin Yin, Shirley attacked Iria from Rixia’s troup, seriously injuring her. This was to push Rixia to hopelessness so that she would fight with the intention to try and kill her. After the events of Ao no Kiseki, she was scouted to be an Enforcer for the Ouroboros, due to her skill and demeanor. What kind of scene will happen when she crashes into Rean and the new Class VII several years later?


“The Fool” Campanella

Age: ??
Voice: Kanae Itou

In response to the Ouroboros’ interruption of the Phantom Blaze Plan, the Grandmaster has dispatched Enforcer No. 0 to Erebonia.

With a prank loving nature and a boy-like appearance, his appearance hasn’t changed over the years and his true age remains unknown.

Trails of Cold Steel Spoilers
In order to oppose Osborne hijacking the Phantasmal Blaze Plan, he will be participating in creating an uproar in the empire, along with Shirley- who is commanding the Red Constellation, and the Thirteen Factories.

Along with this, it seems that he is also reaching out to reactivate members whose activity has been suspended…

Keyword: Enforcer No. 0

The special number with a profound relationship with the Grandmaster

The Enforcers are generally special units called on by the Anguis to carry out the steps of their plans, but the nature of No. 0’s work makes him a very different sort of Enforcer. His general work is to oversee the plans, though little is known about his official tasks as they are given to him directly from the Grandmaster. It’s because of this that he is treated differently from the other Enforcers. Is it possible that the nature of his relationship with the Grandmaster will be revealed in this work? Players should pay attention to Campanella’s actions.


“The Almighty Conflagration” McBurn

Age: ??
Voice: Junichi Suwabe

McBurn is Enforcer No. I of the Ouroboros, and due to his ability to manipulate flames at will, he is also known as the ‘Almighty Conflagration.’

He may be one of the strongest of the enforcers, but he has a very fickle personality. He has even decided to abandon missions because of his laziness.

Trails of Cold Steel Spoilers
Since his fierce battle with the Radiant Blademaster, Victor Arseid, during the civil war, McBurn continues to seek out someone who can surpass him in power.

Keyword: Divergent Laws

The principle laws with many mysteries and their relationship to superhuman abilities

Trails of Cold Steel / Trails in the Sky Spoilers
A term that has come up a number of times in the Kiseki series, this speaks of laws that dominate beings and powers that are disconnected from the ‘natural laws’ of the Zemuria continent. Included in this would be McBurn’s ability to control fire, as well as what was used to temper his demon sword Angbar. McBurn referred to Rean’s ogre power as a result of being ‘mixed,’ and it, too, is likely related to divergent laws. Additionally, Kernviter, a sword carried by Enforcer No. II, Loewe, was made from divergent laws- it was broken at the end of the Liberl incident and offered to his grave.


“The Steel Saint” Arianrhod

Age: ??
Voice: Aya Hisakawa

Arianrhod is the Seventh Anguis, the highest ranked in the leadership of the Ouroboros. [Ed. Note: Outside of the Grandmaster, of course. See the Chronicles section below on this subject.]

Wielding a massive cavalry lance, and fully clad in silver armor, she bears a strong resemblance to the famous lance maiden, Lianne Sandlot, from the war 250 years ago. However, little is known about Arianrhod’s relationship to her.

Unsurprisingly, Arianrhod has come to the Empire, alongside her Stahlritter, with the intention to reclaim the stolen Phantasmal Blaze Plan. But it somehow seems that her objective is different from that of Campanella and the others…?

Keyword: Steel Saint

The enigmatic heroine that carried the great lance.

The Steel Saint, Lianne Sandlot, is a revered saint renown for her many meritorious deeds, worked alongside prince Dreichels Reise Arnor during the War of the Lions 250 years ago. She, and the warriors who served alongside her known as the Eisenritter, were headquartered in Lohengrin castle, found on the outskirts of Legram. After Dreichels was crowned as emperor, she mysteriously died to injuries caused by an assassin. A statue was erected in the town of Legram, with her carrying a lance, and there are many similarities between it and Arianrhod. How could they be related…?


“The Swift” Duvalie

Age: 23
Voice: Naomi Ohzora

Duvalie is one of the battle maidens of the Stahlritter that works under the Seventh Anguis, Arianrhod.

She possesses a combat strength that isn’t outdone by the numbered Enforcers, but because she has an unrequited adoration towards the Steel Saint, Duvalie is often teased by the other members.

During the civil war, she was cooperating with the noble faction, and stood in the way of Class VII many times and for some reason, she has the attitude of an outspoken rival with Laura, the daughter of Vicount Arseid.

Duvalie has once again returned to Erebonia in order to assist in recovering the Phantasmal Blaze Plan, after Chancellor Osborne hijacked it.


“The Resilient” Ines

Age: 23
Voice: Mariya Ise

This battle maiden belongs to the Stahlritter and has a very military-like appearance to her.

She has a tall physique, standing at over 180 rije, and she has the physical strength to easily swing her giant halberd.

Like Duvalie, she has pledged her absolute devotion to the Steel Saint, and she faithfully performs her duties at all times.

She has become interested in the Arseid style after hearing about Duvalie’s encounters with it during the civil war.


“The Magic Bow” Ennea

Age: 24
Voice: Satomi Satou

Along with Ines, Ennea is a fascinating battle maiden within the Stahlritter that uses a bow and arrow.

While she has a strong adoration for the Steel Saint like the others, she genuinely cares for Duvalie, and shows this by teasing her.

Ennea follows behind while Duvalie and Ines take the front, because of her ‘magic bow,’ which has the ability to never miss, and its shots can arc and trace through the air to her targets.


Full Body Images

Cold Steel Chronicles

This section will have major spoilers for the other games in the series. Just for organizational sake, everything is going to be behind an individual spoiler marker, labelling what game the character info comes from.

This feature also does not mention a character as an Anguis or Enforcer if they’ve already been introduced earlier in the article.

Who is the Mysterious Ouroboros Society?

This is the secret organization that can be found throughout the Zemuria continent, at times even causing major events that rock whole nations. They are currently attempting to obtain the Sept-Terrion, the gifts granted by the goddess Aidios for their ‘Orpheus Final Plan,’ or at least moving in to observe. The Ouroboros has, for a long time, been antagonistic with the Septian Church, due to the church’s control regarding artifacts- and their historical strife continues on.

The Grandmaster

The supreme being revered by the organization.

This mysterious being stands at the top of the organization. Having first appeared in Trails in the Sky the 3rd, she believed to be a woman from her voice. Along with this, she is depicted as having precognitive abilities, and that her worries come about from this power.

The Anguis

The organization’s highest leaders, in charge of running their plans.

These are the seven individuals, identified from the first pillar to the seventh1)translation note: the use of ?, or ‘pillar’ to denote their rank, wasn’t carried over into English releases, but is referenced here., who are responsible for managing the plans granted to them by the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster entrusts them with the means to perform their work, which is performed from the shadows. Though they are of a higher rank, it does not necessarily mean that they’re stronger in combat than the Enforcers.

Cold Steel Spoiler

Second Anguis: Vita Clotilde, “The Azure Abyss”
A witch responsible for the oversight of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. She is the older sister to Emma from the original Class VII.

Trails in the Sky FC/SC Spoiler

Third Anguis: Georg Weissman, “The Faceless”
The Anguis in charge of overseeing the ‘Gospel Project.’ He died in Liberl.

Ao no Kiseki Spoiler

New Third Anguis: Mariabell Crois
A young woman from a family of trained alchemists, she was scouted in Crossbell.

Ao no Kiseki Spoiler

Sixth Anguis: F. Novartis, “The Professor”
The manager of the Thirteen Factories, and has no qualms against sacrifices in the name of research.


These special agents, possessing powerful combat abilities, execute orders from the Anguis to complete their plans. They aren’t required to follow orders, as they are guaranteed free will from the Grandmaster. These individuals must also hold a darkness within their hearts.

Trails in the Sky FC/SC Spoiler

Enforcer No. II, Leonhardt, “The Bladelord”
Powerful enough to rank amongst the top 1 or 2 Enforcers. Died in Trails in the Sky SC.

Trails in the Sky FC/SC Spoiler

Enforcer No. VI, Luciora, “The Bewitching Bell”
A beautiful woman who specializes in illusionary arts. Her whereabouts are unknown, since Trails in the Sky SC.

Trails in the Sky FC/SC Spoiler

Enforcer No. VIII, Walter, “The Direwolf”
A tough and bloodthirsty martial artist that practices the Murderer’s Fist form of the Taito style.

Cold Steel Spoiler

Enforcer No. IX, Sharon, “The Severing Chains”
An enforcer that fights using silver wire. Currently on suspension and working as a maid for the Reinford family.

Trails in the Sky FC/SC Spoiler

Enforcer No. X, Bleublanc, “The Phantom Thief”
The self-proclaimed ‘worshipper of beauty’ that appears in various places, known as ‘Phantom Thief B.’

Trails in the Sky FC/SC Spoiler

Enforcer No. XIII, Joshua, “The Black Fang”
A former Enforcer that specialized in infiltration abilities. Currently, he has withdrawn from the Ouroboros.

Trails in the Sky FC/SC Spoiler

Enforcer No. XV, Renne, “The Angel of Slaughter”
A girl who could control the archaism, “Pater-Mater.” Currently withdrawn.

Combatants and Enhanced Jaegers

These are the general soldiers of the Ouroboros. They act as the ‘hands and feet’ of both the Enforcers and the Anguis, and are used to execute military operations. They are stronger than the average soldiers, due to strength enhancing programs used by the Ouroboros. Jaegers are often included in these forces.

The Thirteen Factories

The workshops belonging to the Ouroboros that show their technological advancements

Ranging from mechanized enemies found on the highway, to Renne’s Goldius unit robot, these factories build a variety of machines that exceed known technological limits. As they are made up of several workshops, it’s likely that the ‘Black Workshop’ that Altina belongs to is one of them.

Plans Performed by the Society

Any large scale incident that has occurred continent at the hands of the Ouroboros is to advance the ‘Orpheus Final Project,’ as proposed by the Grandmaster. While the exact purpose of the plan is unknown, it has to do with ‘guiding the souls of all.’ Currently, we know of both the Gospel Project and the Phantasmal Blaze Plan, both of which were executed in connection to the Sept-Terrion. However, before the Phantom Blaze Plan could be completed, Osborne intervened. Could this end as planned?

The Gospel Project

Related Titles: Trails in the Sky FC, Trails in the Sky SC, Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Trails in the Sky FC/SC Spoilers
The Great Incident When the Treasure of Space Appeared

The plan set in the Liberl Kingdom that had the goal of releasing the Treasure of Space from multiple seals. Its executor, Weissman, was destroyed in the process and the Aureole was handed off to the Grandmaster.

The Phantasmal Blaze Plan

Related Titles: Zero no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki, Trails of Cold Steel, Trails of Cold Steel II

The plan that used more than one region as its stage.

This large-scale plan moved with phase 1 taking place in Crossbell, and phase 2 in Erebonia. While it is said that it is “a plan to use the Hollow Phantasm of Crossbell to awaken the blaze in the Empire,” its final objective is unknown.

Phase 1: Crossbell

Zero / Ao no Kiseki Spoilers
Through the Crois family, the descendants of alchemists, the attempt to recover the lost ‘Mirage Treasure’ was successful. However, the completed ‘Zero Treasure’- which could control mirage, time, and space- was not recovered. After the Azure Tree appeared, the situation with the Crois family was settled and members moved on to Erebonia.

? While the ‘Zero Treasure’ could manipulate causality, its others abilities were kept secret.

Phase 2: Erebonia

Trails of Cold Steel I/II Spoilers
This plan used the Erebonian civil war to recreate the battle of the War of the Lions by having a battle between both the Azure and Ashen Chevalier. After the completion of the clash of these two knights, Osborne intervened. Without divulging her goals, Clotilde withdrew from the Empire.

? The intention to reproduce the War of the Lions? – 250 years ago, the Erebonia Empire fell into civil war during the War of the Lions. What was the purpose for recreating it this time around?

? The outcome of the duel of the two knights – Rean and Crow battled with their knights. Afterwards, the Vermillion Apocalypse was revived, and they joined up to fight it together.

The Hijacked Plan

Trails of Cold Steel I/II Spoilers
After the decisive battle between the two knights, Osborne- who had been believed to be dead- arrived to declare that he had taken over the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. In the process, he had also hijacked the Black Workshop. His reason for snatching the plan away from the Ouroboros is still a mystery.

Additional Comments from Toshihiro Kondo

Members not shown in the illustration on page 562)This is the illustration at the start of the article. are also likely to appear.

Since the Blood and Iron Chancellor, Giliath Osborne, hijacked the Phantom Blaze Project from the Ouroboros at the last minute during Erebonia’s civil war, they will not remain silent. As they will be focused on recovering the plan in this game, they will be taking major actions within the empire. Because of these considerably large actions, it is very likely that members not included in the key illustration for this issue will be showing up.

Additionally, Sharon is also pictured in the illustration, but particulars about her at this present point are still unknown. As she is a maid in the Reinford family, serves President Irina, and watches over Alisa, what could the Ouroboros want with Sharon? Pay attention to find out.

Also, while the Ouroboros will be making a big move, their antagonists, the Gralsritter, are probably taking up countermeasures to them. Not only are Gralsritter that have been seen before likely to appear, but there may also be some individuals who would likely cause a ‘no way!’ reaction.

[ Official Sen no Kiseki Website ]
[ 4gamer.net – Media Source 1 ]
[ 4gamer.net – Media Source 2 ]


1 translation note: the use of ?, or ‘pillar’ to denote their rank, wasn’t carried over into English releases, but is referenced here.
2 This is the illustration at the start of the article.
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