Trails of Cold Steel 2-Way Acrylic Keyholders Now Available for Preorder

Falcom has revealed a set of characters featured in the Trails of Cold Steel games, including Sen no Kiseki III, are being released in a collection of acrylic keyholders.

The ‘2-way’ aspect of these is that they can also be set on a stand for display purposes, just like the Alisa one released earlier this year.

Falcom is releasing them as a set, or you can purchase them individually.

Falcom has also promised new ‘volume’ sets if this set proves to be popular.

Full Set

If you preorder the full set, you will also be given a sheet of stickers of the characters, as well.

Order Number: Y240
Characters in the Set: Laura, Emma, Gaius, Millium, Towa, Agate, and Tio
Preorder Item: Original Sticker Sheet
Release Date: 12/22/2017

Set Price: 3980 yen (120 yen off each item.)

Individual Keyholders


Item Number: Y241
Price: 680 yen


Item Number: Y242
Price: 680 yen


Item Number: Y243
Price: 680 yen


Item Number: Y244
Price: 680 yen


Item Number: Y245
Price: 680 yen


Item Number: Y246
Price: 680 yen


Item Number: Y247
Price: 680 yen

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