Sen no Kiseki IV Releasing Fall 2018 in Japan

During the yearly shareholder meeting, Falcom has announced that Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga- will be releasing Fall 2018 for the PS4.

Spoilers and details past the cut.

Along with the announcement, they also launched the Sen IV website, which held the following key visual, as well as the line “The Demise, to Struggle Against It.”

According to Famitsu:

A “curse” was scattered across the empire due to the invocation of the “Great Twilight”. The “Ashen Knight” Rean Schwarzer was swallowed by his demonic power and lost his sense of self. What will become of the New and Old Class VII who were left behind while the world ends? The “Sen no Kiseki” series ends with a work that is even greater in scale and volume than its predecessor. Please be excited for “The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki IV – The End of Saga -!”

Finally, five screenshots were released to accompany the announcement:

[Sen no Kiseki IV Website]

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