[Administration] Lacrimosa of Esterior

So. Endless History has been gone for awhile.


I needed a lengthy vacation. However, now in 2019, the site has been reopened and redesigned. Most of the bugs have been fixed and the site has been cleaned up to look more professional.

Things have changed on Falcom’s end as well. From what I’ve seen over the past few months, there are no longer any weekly specials, so that has changed. Instead, I will be trying to track their current sales instead, as you can see on the sidebar.

I will be putting a ‘bug check’ contact form on the side bar for the next few months because this is a very different theme than was running before, and will break many things that have not been touched yet. I am making a checklist for things to re-edit and correct over the course of the next few months, but if you see something that is broken, please, by all means, reach out to me and point out the page where you have found an issue.

I will also be, eventually, posting an application to get another writer or two to the site to help with some of the day to day updates while I work on the back end of the site and some of the larger articles and translations. This will take some of the weight off of my shoulders and I may send writers some perks and goodies now and then.

Once I have time to complete some of the back end work, I will probably restart some of the usual columns from before, such as Fandom Friday and Translation Tuesday. I will also be opening the doors for guest columns and a new ‘Flash Topic’ column that I intended to begin as well. This way, the site can fill in some gaps between topics and the usual run of the mill updates.

I apologize that this will likely be a slow process to ease myself back into the routine of running this site on a regular basis, but I will be doing my best to get what I can covered and to find ways to cover the gaps I’ve missed out on.

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  1. Glad to see the site re-opened! Love this site so much! If you’re still looking for writers/people to help update, I’d be happy to at least throw myself out as interested. :D

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