Official Websites

Here, you can find a variety of links to websites run by Nihon Falcom and any of their partners or localizing companies.

Nihon Falcom

The primary focus of this site, of course. They are the makers of the Ys and Kiseki series. They have just recently celebrated their 30th anniversary.
* Nihon Falcom Official Homepage
* Tio’s Falcom Radio- This is a Pain… but I’ll Try my Best
* Falcom’s Twitter Account | Twinavi | Twilog
* Falcom on Facebook
* Ys Portal Site
* Sora no Kiseki Portal Site

Port Websites

* Zero no Kiseki Evolution Website


This is the primary partner for Falcom in North America. They have released four of Falcom’s games for PSP so far, and one for PC.
* XSEED Official Homepage
* XSEED’s Twitter account
* XSEED on Facebook
* The World of Ys
* Trails in the Sky Official Website

Ghostlight Games

Publisher for Trails in the Sky in the PAL territories.
* Ghostlight Games Official Website
* Ghostlight Games Blog

Other Localizers

There are other companies who have published games developed by Nihon Falcom in English in the past, as well.
* Atlus Games – Released Ys Books 1 & 2 for the Nintendo DS.
* Konami – Released the PS2 and PSP versions of Ys the Ark of Napishtim
* Mastiff – Released the PSP version of Gurumin.

Media Sites

* Sora no Kiseki the Animation Official Website
* Comic Gekkin – Sora no Kiseki

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