Aksys Games Confirms Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for English Release and LE Sets

Today, through the Sony PlayStation Blog, Aksys Games has confirmed that not only will they be releasing Tokyo Xanadu for PlayStation Vita and PC, but Tokyo Xanadu eX+ will also see a PlayStation 4 release both in North America and Europe.

eX+ has many various updates, including 60 FPS, rebalanced combat, new story segments, and a new playable character.

Danny Miscevich, from Aksys Games, has also confirmed that the PC version will be the eX+ version from the PS4, as well.

There will also be limited edition sets for both the Vita and PlayStation 4 releases.

The PlayStation Vita set will include the following:

  • Tokyo Xanadu Physical Copy (Vita)
  • 5″ Deluxe Morimaru Plush
  • Blade Card Game Deck
  • 60 page Art Book
  • CD Soundtrack
  • Collector’s Box

The PlayStation 4 set will include:

  • Tokyo Xanadu EX+ Physical Copy (PS4)
  • 9″ Deluxe White Shroud Statue
  • Blade Card Game Deck
  • 60 page Art Book
  • CD Soundtrack
  • Collector’s Box

Tokyo Xanadu will release on the Vita in Summer 2017, while Tokyo Xanadu eX+ will release later in the year, in Fall 2017. While Tokyo Xanadu will also release in Europe in Summer 2017, there is also a release delay for it for the PS4 in Europe, seeing Winter 2017.

EDIT (12/50pm Central):
Danny has confirmed in the comments of the PS Blog post that this will include Japanese audio. But there is no additional information on whether it’s going to include and English dub as well.

EDIT (4:25pm Central):
Aksys has confirmed that the artbook and CDs will be the same over the two versions and that there will be no English dubbed audio in either versions.

Joyoland Running Their PC Ports on Steam Greenlight

Joyoland has posted Ys Memories of Celceta, Ys Seven, Zero no Kiseki, and Ao no Kiseki to Steam Greenlight. Joyoland is the developer of the Chinese ports of these titles. From the descriptions, these are all in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

You can find Joyoland’s steam listing here.


Edited: 3:25pm Central Time, 1/5/2017

I’ve got a bit more information on this, thanks to BigKitten‘s posts on the Reddit thread.

First in a response to one of my comments:

This is from their official weibo (Chinese twitter knock-off) (http://www.weibo.com/1821444155/EpriiaW2D) and wechat (http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/iEteeoZDe0fTnjXv7sA7Mw):
Rough translation:
Joyoland announces:
From 2011 to 2015, the four Falcom games published and ported to PC [by Joyoland] – Zero no Kiseki, Ys 7, Ao no Kiseki, Ys MoC – are confirmed to be released on Steam.
[The company] starts the greenlight process today. Fans, please vote to speed up the release on Steam.
So, my understanding is: they are determined to release those games on Steam already.

And from another comment in the thread:

The following is what I have read in the Chinese forums. Take it with a grain of salt:
The head of Joyoland is a reasonably good associate of Toshihiro Kondo, the head of Falcom and they have collaborated for more than ten years.
Joyoland has full publishing rights to Ao and Zero in the greater China region (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.).
It is not beyond imagination that they may procure publishing rights in other regions. Joyoland was to publish their PC port of Ys in the west (http://www.esterior.net/2013/04/pc-version-of-ys-seven-in-english/). It was only canceled because Ys sold so poorly in China that Joyoland deemed western releases a risky venture.
So…if they sell well on Steam……(well, I guess I am dreaming..)

Thanks for the additional information!

[ Steam Community – Joyoland – Greenlight ]

Rex Dickson from EA Named Trails in the Sky SC as One of His Games of 2016

Game Informer Magazine spoke with a bunch of developers to get them to name their favorite games of 2016. (As a note, since people are aware that SC did come out in 2015, GI has stated that it’s ‘game they played in 2016’ instead of games that came out in this year.)

Rex Dickson is the creative director of the Madden game series with Electronic Arts, and was one of the developers that Game Informer spoke with for the article. While games such as Farcry and Adrift made the list, various people were surprised (and delighted) to see Trails in the Sky SC join his list of favorite games of 2016.

Rex had this to say about the game:

I am a JRPG fan boy and have been for a long time. The trails series on the PSVita really blew me away with story and character development. The relationship between the two lead characters (Joshua and Estelle) was as powerful and memorable to me as Cloud and Aeris back in FF7. I think I sunk well over 100 hours into this franchise and loved every second.

To see other comments and games from Rex and other developers, you can read the Game Informer article here.

You can also find Rex Dickson on twitter here.

Also, thanks to the many people who pointed this article out to me!

[2017 NEW YEAR SPECIAL] Latest Release CD Set

Every year, Falcom releases their ‘New Year Special’ which is a much larger special collection compared to the rest of the weekly specials through the year. If you are interested in this, you will need to get onto it quickly, as these often sell out very fast.

This year’s special will include ten CDs in it. Falcom has also stated that as this is an extremely limited sale, they will not take preorders with orders for this particular sale.

The list of CDs included follows:

We Love Sora no Kiseki (Originally for 2700 yen)
Tokyo Xanadu Original Soundtrack II eX+ (Originally for 1800 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution Original Soundtrack (Originally for 2980 yen)
Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of Dana- Original Soundtrack (Originally for 2980 yen)
I’ll Remember You w/ Real SPiKA & Megumi Sasaka (Originally for 1400 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution Original Soundtrack (Originally for 2980 yen)
Tokyo Xanadu Original Soundtrack (Originally for 2980 yen)
Seize the Day (Originally for 1000 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution Original Soundtrack (Originally for 2980 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II Original Soundtrack (Originally for 2980 yen)

The total retail cost of this set is 24,780 yen. The special price is –> 10,000 yen!

This order is good until 1/10, or until 100 orders have been made.

Order # 2901 (M082・M083・M084・M085・M086・M087・M088・M089・M090・M091)

[ Falcom Online Store – Special Sales ]

Character Images of the Sen no Kiseki Musical Cast Revealed

While the cast and costume photos for Rean and Alisa have been out for a few weeks, Nega Design Works has been unveiling the rest of the Sen no Kiseki musical cast members on their twitter.

On top of the images of the cast as their characters being revealed, there are also six performers listed without any characters associated to them.

Director: Shotarou Oku
Script: Mio Inoue

Rean Schwarzer: Ryuunosuke Matsumura
Alisa Reinford: Maon Kurosaki
Elliot Craig: Kaito Nakamura
Jusis Albarea: Yuuki Tomotsune
Machias Regnitz: Ryou Hatakeyama
Gaius Worzel: Takuya Kishimoto
Fie Claussel: Haruka Umeda
Laura S. Arseid: Kaede
Emma Milstein: Konona Shiba
Sara Valestein: Asami Yoshikawa
Gideon: Judai Shirakashi
Sharon Krueger: Sayaka Fujioka
Irina Reinford: Mio Hanana
Patrick T. Hyarms: Souichiro Sorihashi
Scarlet: Yuma Hanazaki
Vulcan: Takeshi Nakayama
Olivert Reise Arnor: Keisuke Minami
Rufus Albarea: Ren Yagami
Towa Herschel: Ai Nonaka
Angelica Rogner: Shiki Aoki
Vita Clotilde: RiRiKA


  • Kouki Takano
  • Yuuhei Hayashi
  • Kana Suzuki
  • Yuji Akiyama
  • Asako Sendo
  • Tomoya Tachihara

[ Official Website ]
[ Official Twitter ]

All Falcom Digital PC Titles on DMM.com Are Currently on a 50% Off Sale

DMM.com has put all of their digital Falcom titles on sale for half off, and they will remain this way until 1/10.

The games that are on sale on the site are listed below:

Title Sale Price
Ys I & II Chronicles 1,350 yen
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC 1,350 yen
Ys Origin 1,350 yen
The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki 1,350 yen
Xanadu Next 1,350 yen
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki SC 1,350 yen
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki the 3rd 1,350 yen
Zwei II Plus 1,350 yen
Monarch Monarch 270 yen
Zwei!! 540 yen
Gurumin 540 yen
Ys VI -The Ark of Napishtim- 1,350 yen
Ys the Oath in Felghana 1,350 yen
VM Japan + Power Up Kit 540 yen
The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch 540 yen
Sorcerian Original & Forever 540 yen
Brandish 4 270 yen
The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion 540 yen
The Legend of Heroes V: Cagesong of the Ocean 540 yen
Dinosaur Resurrection 540 yen
The New Legend of Heroes 270 yen
Vantage Master Online 270 yen
Vantage Master 270 yen

The games are all listed as being compatible with Windows XP 64 bit- but I don’t have any other information on the requirements of the titles.

[ DMM.com – Falcom Titles ]

[EDITORIAL] Holiday Shenanigans! – Indefinite Hiatus of Translation Tuesday??

Hey, guys! I know we had a wild night with the Falcom shareholder meeting, but I do want to take a personal note to thank each and every one of you for all of your support through 2016. It has been a rough year for many of us, but we can all hope for it to get better in the future- especially with these new wonderful Falcom announcements that have been made.

But I want to take a moment to also say that the holidays are a great time to see friends and family and so forth. As a result, my posting time may slow down just a little bit as I take the time out to have fun with family and friends and celebrate the parting of a crappy year.

However, I also want to take a moment that I’m announcing that I will be putting Translation Tuesday on an indefinite hold for the time being. But don’t worry! I have zero intentions of leaving you all high and dry! My hiatus is because I have a secret project in the works that will get in the way of the other translations I can do for Translation Tuesday. I’ll be revealing more information on it in the near future, once I solidify more information on my part.

But don’t worry. I won’t be too far from twitter. Feel free to drop me a line at either @EndlessHistory, or my personal twitter account, @omgfloofy.

Hey, look. The news is public-

The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki III Exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Fall 2017

At the 2016 annual shareholder meeting, Falcom has revealed that Sen no Kiseki III will be released in the fall of 2017 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

This title will, unsurprisingly, continue the story of not only the long-running ‘Kiseki’ series, but will also continue through the story taking place in Erebonia, though this time, it will be set in the year 1206. This game will feature a new story involving Rean, who is now being celebrated as the Ashen Chevalier, a national hero to the Erebonia Empire.

The game will feature staples of the series, from its rich story and its strategic combat system, but it will also see a major evolution for the series. Few details are known about this game, but they will come to light in the future.

Additionally, during the question and answer session of the shareholder meeting, Kondo was asked about the console exclusivity for Sen no Kiseki III. The primary issue for the PlayStation 4 exclusivity is to ensure that the game will sell internationally, rather than just domestically.

He was also asked about the data link between Sen no Kiseki II to Sen no Kiseki III, and Kondo said that while the data link would be difficult to accomplish, they are looking into a way to do it.

The game’s key visual is below:

The first screenshots for the game:

[ Famitsu Article
[ 4gamer.net Article
[ Sen no Kiseki III Official Website ]
[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]

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