Ys VIII Super Ultimate Arrange Album to be Released on May 10

Falcom will be releasing the Ys VIII Super Ultimate arrange album on May 10, 2019. There will be 11 tracks and music will feature at least 15 performers.

The track list can be found below:

1Sunshine Coastline
2Hope to You
4Beyond the Flowing Night
6 Everlasting Transeunt ~ Eternal Traveler~
7In Side My Head
9 Theos De Endrogram – Trance Mix
10Eternal Sunshine
11Eternal Traveler

Performers listed include: Megumi Sasaka (vocals), Yuuri Suehiro (vocals), Yoko Kajikawa (vocals), ADD (sax), Mitsuhiro Furuya (EWI), Nobuo Tokunaga (harmonica), Yui Minou (violin), Akiko Nagano (violin), Takanori Yamagishi (cello), Terukazu Inoue (guitar), Tokunan Minami (bass), Sakka Junichiro (bass), Atsushi Enomoto (bass), Kohei Wada (bass), Shige Yamamoto (keyboard), Akihiro Horikawa (keyboard), and others.

5/10 marks the presale date of the album (the physical version will be available on the Falcom Online Store and Amazon.co.jp), whereas the general release will be 5/31/2019. Digital versions will go on sale on 5/10 as well. Sites such as iTunes, Amazon, mora, and music.jp will have the album available. There will also be hi-res versions available on e-onkyo, mora, and music.jp.

The physical CD will cost 2800 yen, while the digital version will be 2400 yen. The hi-res version will be 3000 yen.

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  1. Aawww and I thought this was a new version of the game with new content and more playable characters :(

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