Live Nico Douga Broadcast for Sora no Kiseki OAVs 1 and 2 on 2/17!

There is a new Livestream broadcast coming up soon. The Trails in the Sky OAVs will both be live streamed on NicoDouga on 2/17 at 25:30, Japan time. (Yes. 25:30. aka, 1:30am on 2/18.)

I can’t find anything that prevents me from watching it, region-wise, so it may not be blocked to users outside of Japan this time around.

This will run on 2/17 at 11:30am Eastern Time for those in the US. If you wish to convert to your local timezone, please see this link.

This appears that it will be a broadcast of both episodes 1 and 2, so this will be your opportunity to see episode 2 before its release date on 2/24.

The doors will open at 25:20 Japan time, 10 minutes before the event actually begins. I don’t have an estimation as to how long it will last. Probably around 2 hours, as each OAV is 40-something minutes long.

What do you do if you don’t have a nicodouga account? Well, thankfully, I have an article that links some information on what to do regarding such a dilemma.

These OAV’s follow the second game, Second Chapter. If you have only played the first game and do not want to spoil yourselves, you may want to refrain from watching.

[ Event Portal on Nico Douga ]

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