A New Ys Title to be Released in 2015 for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita

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Sony displayed a video to reveal a new Ys title for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita at the SCEJA Event tonight. It is to be released in 2015, but more information may or may not be available at Tokyo Game Show.

More information will be revealed as it becomes available.

See some screenshots below:

“Do you know the name Adol Christin?”

“The redhaired swordsman comes to the PS4″

(The party system returns)

“A completely new title”

“Ys arrives to the Playstation 4″

“In an archipelago in the ‘Goethe Sea’ to the south of Gllia”

“Lost in the legendary waters, a land long forgotten”

“Adol’s new adventure begins”

(This appeared to be a climbing puzzle??)



Falcom’s official tweet on this:

New artwork:

New screenshots:

Source: Famitsu

Falcom’s IR report can be found here. (PDF)

Video added! Thanks FalcomJDKSound!

Sen no Kiseki II Preorder Campaign – DLC Level 4 Reached


From 7/18/2014 ~ 9/15/2014, Falcom is running a preorder campaign. After certain counts of preorders have been accumulated, they will bump the level of the bonuses up which will provide special DLC extras for players of the game to download. On the game’s release date, the DLC code will be made available on the website and it will remain there until 10/31/2014. Please note that the code will not just be gone from the page on 10/31, but it will also no longer be valid.

If you plan to use it, make sure you use it before the deadline.

Costume: New costume for Rean, including two accessories. (See below)

Rank DLC Type Contents
Rank 1 Item Set Quartz: Teara

Accessory: Muppet Scapegoat

Item: U-Material x5
Rank 2 Item Set Quartz: Teara
Quartz: EP2

Accessory: Muppet Scapegoat

Item: U-Material x10
Item: Battle Scope x10
Rank 3 Item Set
Costume (1 character)
Quartz: Teara
Quartz: EP2

Accessory: Muppet Scapegoat
Accessory: Victory Headband
Accessory: Yellow Pendulum

Item: U-Material x15
Item: Battlescope x10
Costume: VOFAN Original Design (Alisa)
See below for the VOFAN costume
Rank 4

Item Set
Costume (2 Characters)
Quartz: Teara
Quartz: EP2

Accessory: Muppet Scapegoat
Accessory: Victory Headband
Accessory: Yellow Pendulum
Accessory: Dark Crest

Item: U-Material x20
Item: Battlescope x10
Item: Zelam Capsule x1

Costume: VOFAN Original Design (Alisa)
See below for the VOFAN costume
Rank 5

Item Set
Costume (3 Characters)
Quartz: Teara
Quartz: EP2

Accessory: Muppet Scapegoat
Accessory: Victory Headband
Accessory: Yellow Pendulum
Accessory: Dark Crest

Item: U-Material x25br>Item: Battlescope x10
Item: Zelam Capsule x2

Costume: VOFAN Original Design (Alisa)
Costume: Rean costume and accessories
New Alisa costume that’s yet to be revealed

*bolded items are items that are new. You will get the previous set + new additions.

Alisa’s VOFAN costume:

Rean’s new costume – note that the headphones and goggles are additional accessories, so you can have the outift with both, one, the other, or none:

The last date the number was updated was 8/28, and as of that time, there are 12,881 preorders left until we jump to Rank 5. I will keep this number updated on twitter once or twice a week, as well, with a post on the costume and the fifth rank details if rank five is achieved.

[ Official Sen no Kiseki II Website ]

Sen no Kiseki II Players Navigator Announced for 9/18 Release

BwLB8IiCYAA8z1Y.jpg large

Falcom has announced the release of the Sen no Kiseki II Players Navigator, and it’s now up on the Falcom Online Store for preorder.

This book will have the following information in it:
* To get the fullest enjoyment out of Sen no Kiseki II, a digest for the previous game will be included.
* An introduction to the new systems for this title: Over Rise and the God Knight battle system
* A structured guide directing information on the story of the prologue.
* Includes product codes for items that will be useful during the game’s prologue.
(Item Set includes: 500 of all sepith, Curia R, Dotanba Muppet, Zelam Capsule)

Stats for the book are:
Product Number: B105
Pages: A4 – 112 Pages
Periodical Code: 28066-11/1
L-CODE: 2014/11/17
Publisher: Kadokawa Company
Release Date: 9/18/2014
Price: 1,157 yen

[ Falcom Online Store Product Page ]

CD Version of Kiseki jdk Acoustics Album Announced


The recent digital release of the Kiseki jdk Acoustics album was Falcom’s experiment with the hi-res audio options, it should be no surprise that Falcom will be doing a physical release of the album eventually as well.

The album has been announced for a release on 10/8 for its physical release. Despite this, you will be able to get it early on 9/18 from Falcom’s Online Store, as well. The CD contains the same 9 tracks of the digital version available on e-Onkyo and mora. It will also be available for 2400 yen.

I have also discovered that you can prepurchase the CD version of the album at the Falcom Exhibition Event at Multicity Shibuya between 9/12 ~ 9/28, and at Tokyo Game Show between 9/18 ~ 9/21.

[ Product Page on the Falcom Online Store ]

September Wallpaper Posted on the Falcom Calendar Website


Falcom has posted the above wallpaper for September on the Falcom Calendar website.

As you can see, this month will be a really busy month. Posted on the wallpaper alone, the following events are happening in the month of September:
* Falcom Exhibition in Multicity Shibuya (Sept 12 ~ 28)
* Falcom jdk BAND 2014 Asia Live Tour in Taipei (Sept 13)
* Sen no Kiseki II x Mononopu Third Collaboration (Sept 13 ~ 28)
* Sen no Kiseki II Players Navigator (Sept 18)
* Tokyo Game Show 2014 (Sept 18 ~ 21)
* Sen no Kiseki II Release Date (Sept 25)
* Falcom jdk BAND Live & Talk Show vol. 5 (Sept 27)

On top of this, the calendar has been updated to include some release dates in October for the CD version of Kiseki jdk Acoustics and the next volume of the Falcom Academy books.

You can find the above wallpaper in the following resolutions:

[ Falcom Calendar Website ]

Wanderers from Ys: Super Arrange Version Now Available Digitally on Amazon


One of the classic albums for Ys III the Wwanderers from Ys has been made available for digital purchase.

As always, the links in this article are for Amazon.com, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on Amazon.co.jp), if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

This album is also going to be available on iTunes, music.jp, mora, and animelo mix.

The album is available for $5.99 or $0.99 per track.

1. [Super Mix] Dancing on the Road (User Disk Creation)
2. [Super Mix] Omen = Styx = (Opening)
3. Trading Town of Redmont (Town)
4. The Boy’s Got Wings (Stage Entrance)
5. A Searing Struggle (Ruins – Lava Area)
6. Snare of Darkness (Tigray Quarry)
7. Valestein Castle (Valestein Castle)
8. The Beat of Destruction (Galvaran Island)
9. The Strongest Enemy (Final Boss – Galvaran)
10. Morning of Departure (Town – Ending)
11. Wanderers from Ys (Ending)

You can purchase this album digitally here.

If you wish to support this site at no extra cost to yourself, you can purchase the albums through my Amazon Affiliate account here.

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