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Details for Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection and Falcom Zanmai Books and Preorder Availability


The two books announced yesterday are now available on Falcom’s online store for pre-order. The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection Item Number: B98 Pages: A4 – 176 pages ISBN: 978-4-04-866370-0 C0076 Produced By: ASCII Media Works Publisher: Kadokawa Release Date: 3/27/2014 Price: 2000 yen The ultimate fan book for Sen no Kiseki. …

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Falcom Opening Preorders Soon for Two Books – Falcom Zanmai and Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection


Falcom tweeted today that details for two books will be posted today. The first is Falcom Zanmai, a comic anthology for many of Falcom’s series, featuring new art by Kitsutsuki Shinki, the artist of the Sora no Kiseki manga. This is set to be released on 3/28. Also announced, but with no particulars is the …

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Falcom Magazine vol 33 Now Live on


Issue 33 of Falcom Magazine has gone live on Shinanobook today for 200 yen. This issue contains the following features: It contains the following: * ‘The Bracer That Saved Rean and the Others is Really…?!’ – Drama CD ‘Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story: The Ring of Judgement’ Scenario Publication * Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy, by Daisuke …

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Ao no Kiseki Special Collection Book Set for September Release


At some point in Sept of this year, the Ao no Kiseki Special Collection Book will be released. This book will contain character info, story info, world setting data, illustrations, and much more. Size: B5 Pages: 224, full color Price: 2000 yen. More on this as information comes out.

Ys the Artbook to be Released by UDON Entertainment


Revealed at San Diego Comic Con this week, UDON Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing Ys the Arbook, amongst other artbooks next year. There’s little to no information on their release, but it will be detailed closer to the release date. [ AnimeNewsNetwork ]

Sen no Kiseki Magazine Vol 4 Now Being Shipped With Falcom Mail Order Purchases


Starting today, all purchases for this month from Falcom’s mail order will now include the Sen no Kiseki Magazine vol 4. A key item being released this month is Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Kai HD.

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