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Ao no Kiseki Scenario Book and Sen no Kiseki II Official Visual Collection Book Now Up For Preorder


Falcom has announced the release of two new books in the month of March. The Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki Scenario Book The fifth of the series of ‘handbooks’ to the fans of the Kiseki series. This is a the overwhelmingly large volume, containing all of the text for the main scenario and sidequests …

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Chinese Releases of Various Kiseki Books Around the Corner


Joyoland has announced that they will be releasing a number of the Japanese Kiseki series books in Chinese over the next few months. The first with a guaranteed release date is the The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Perfect Guide, which will be released on 1/15/2015. You can find it at Taobao here. They …

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Chapter 6 of the Sora no Kiseki SC Manga Now Online – Vol 1 to be Released on 12/15


The latest chapter of the Sora no Kiseki SC manga is now available on Famitsu Comic Clear! Estelle begins her investigation of the mysterious appearances of the white shadow across Ruan. Furthermore, the first volume of the manga is to be released in book form in 12/15. It is currently available for preorder on Falcom’s …

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Kiseki Series 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book “Sept-Archive” to be Released on 12/25

The original announcement had very few details on the upcoming ‘Sept-Archive’ that will be released in December to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Kiseki series. Now that Falcom has made it available on their site for preorder, with the exception of the book’s cover, details have started to trickle out. Falcom Web Store Order …

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Sen no Kiseki II Players Navigator Announced for 9/18 Release

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Falcom has announced the release of the Sen no Kiseki II Players Navigator, and it’s now up on the Falcom Online Store for preorder. This book will have the following information in it: * To get the fullest enjoyment out of Sen no Kiseki II, a digest for the previous game will be included. * …

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Zero no Kiseki Scenario Book Dated for 7/29/2014 Release


Falcom has opened preorders for the Zero no Kiseki Scenario Book on their website, as well as reveal its release date of 7/29. The fourth of the Kiseki collectors handbooks, the Zero no Kiseki Scenario Book makes its long-awaited appearance. This volume is an overwhelming 672 pages, containing the dialogue of all of the main …

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