Ys 30th Anniversary Memorial Book to be Released on 8/10/2017

Cover currently not available.

Falcom has announced that, in August, they are releasing a commemorative book to celebrate the Ys series’ 30th anniversary.

This book will feature characters, world data, and a glossary all related to the Ys games from the first title to the most recent, Ys VIII, making this a comprehensive memorial book.

A preorder version of this book will also be available with the following items included:

  • CD: Ys 30th Opening and Battle Music Collection
    (This is a memorial CD featuring a collection of opening and battle themes from Ys I ~ Ys VIII.)
  • DLC Code featuring 12 avatars for use on the PlayStation 4.

Sales info:

Title: Ys 30th Memorial Book -Since 1987 to 2017-
Product Number: B137
Pages: 176 pages, all color, A4 size (Special Item: manufactured goods data reference)
ISBN: 978-4-04-893264-6
Editor: Dengeki PlayStation
Producer: ASCII Media Works
Publisher: Kadokawa Corporation
Release Date: 8/10/2017
Price: 3500 yen

[ Falcom Online Store – Product Page ]

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