Sen no Kiseki III the Complete Guide Set for 11/16 Release

Falcom has announced that the Sen no Kiseki III Complete Guide set for 11/16 Release.

Published by Dengeki, this book will contain all the information to help you navigate to the game’s ending, giving you the details necessary to help with advanced strategies and tactics.


  • Battle System Explanation – This contains details on both the AT Battle and the Divine Knight battle systems, as well as information to help with hit, evasion, and damage calculations.
  • Story Guide – This will contain a complete chart to show you the details to complete book and photograph collections, as well as provide a step-by-step guide directing the player to the ending.
  • Data – You will find information on party details, character statuses, and item efficiencies in this section. This will also contain information on the various DLC available, as well as enemy details and behavioral patterns.
  • Extra – This section will contain details on the traits of the various Branch II characters and an analysis of their lives and their own living quarters. There will also be a special series of 4koma comics by Falcom Gakuen’s Daisuke Arakubo!
  • Additionally, this complete guide will also contain a DLC code to give additional costumes to Juna, Altina, and Musse. The DLC code will be good from 11/16/2017 to 11/16/2019.

    Sales details on the book:

    Falcom Shop Product Number: B140
    Pages: A5 – 400 pages
    ISBN: 978-4-04-893312-4
    Publisher: Kadokawa Corporation
    Release Date: 11/16/2017
    Price: 1,900 yen

    [ Falcom Online Shop Product Page ]

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