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Falcom Now Making DRM Free Digital Purchases Available on Amazon


On 2/6, the first five albums that Falcom is making available for digital purchase on will go on sale. These albums are, just as with the iTunes albums, DRM-free mp3s. They will also be available in Japan, North America, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. (The prices below are going to be the …

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Falcom Radio Episode 47 Now Live

This week’s guest is Shiori Hamamoto, from the radio’s ‘SSS’ and the voice actress of Jonah Sacred in Zero no Kiseki Evolution. They are currently in the process of counting down to episode 50! The guests in the upcoming episodes are: 48 and 49 will feature Ryou Hirohashi, the voice of Laila Barton from Nayuta …

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Zero no Kiseki Drama CD’s Delayed to 9/26


The Zero no Kiseki drama CD’s vols 2 and 3 were supposed to be released in August, but at some point, it appears that the release date has been changed to Sept 26th. I’ve updated the calendar to reflect this change.

Sample Audio from Ys Music Collection CD


Falcom posted a selection of audio samples of the new CD that is being included in the 25th Anniversary box of The Foliage Ocean in Celceta. The tracks for this album were revealed earlier this week. [ Falcom @ Facebook ]

Falcom Boss Zanmai Sample Video

Have a sample video of the tracks featured on the Falcom Boss Zanmai CD that will be released at Comiket in August.

Falcom Radio Episode 40 Now Live

On this week’s episode, the Special Support Section presents the ‘Falcom Tongue Twister Challange.’ See how everyone takes to this harsh challenge. This week’s guest is Hidehiko Kaneko, the voice actor for Professor Joachim Gunter from Zero no Kiseki Evolution. Kaneko-san talks about the physician and master fisherman. He also takes on the ‘Glasses’ quiz. …

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