Falcom has quite a presence on the web, in the form of official websites and fansites.

Use the following links to view the sites themselves:
Official Websites
English Language Fansites
Japanese Language Fansites

Links – English Fansites

* Ancient Land of Ys – A major BBS with a number of fans of various Falcom games gathering. * Eidenyaku – Esterior’s sister site. A translation team working on Gagharv and various manga series. * Synchronicity – A Brandish fansite and team working on translating games. * Scribes’ Slate – A team working on …

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Links – Japanese Fansites

* Falcom Ma To Me * Eternal World * Ys Music Files * Gagharv Trilogy Maniac Data * Falcom Navigation * Silver Intention * Rupa

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Links – Official Sites

Official Websites Here, you can find a variety of links to websites run by Nihon Falcom and any of their partners or localizing companies. Nihon Falcom The primary focus of this site, of course. They are the makers of the Ys and Kiseki series. They have just recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. * Nihon Falcom …

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