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TheLegend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki Drama CDs released!

The Joshua Gaiden Drama CD and the Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Drama CD were both released last Saturday.
The release schedule on the menu has been updated accordingly.
You can purchase these CDs through Chara-Ani, and the link will be below. I do not know if they take orders from overseas. I ordered through them using a deputy service myself.

Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Drama CD
Sora no Kiseki Joshua Gaiden Drama CD
Chara-Ani Exclusive: 3rd and Joshua Gaiden Drama CD Two-Pack

According to the Hot Information! page on Falcom’s website, it seems that Chara-Ani will be releasing a four-pack, containing all four CDs.

Exclusive Wallpapers for MailMag Subscribers!
A new set of wallpapers have been released for subscribers of Falcom News Express! To subscribe, simply enter in your email address at the link listed below.

Fal-Column Update: Ys Seven Drama CD Editor’s Report
Details for the drama CD coming up as a special item with Ys Seven. Little things are mentioned in it such as the voice for the narration of the demo videos for Ys Chronicles and Ys Seven was Tesshou Genda himself- the voice actor that played Dogi in the OAV series.

He, and Kusao Takeshi will be both reprising their roles as Dogi and Adol in the drama CD.

It also sounds like Terra, Olha, Isha, and Ladoc, the crew of the Tres Mere have all been cast. Also, it seems that Geis, Admiral Agares, and even the frog, Elizabeth!

There are two songs mentioned in the column: Ernst performed by the JDK Band and Rush Out!, a vocal version of the Ys Seven opening theme.

The next Fal-Column will feature a cast interview.

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