Ys Seven Updates – Lots of them!

I apologize for being behind on these updates. It’s been a bit of a crazy week.

YsPortal Site Updated
The Ys Portal Site has new Senryuu posted on it.

Ys Seven Site Updated

***New Characters***
Now listed under the subcharacter section:
Kymarl: (48 years old) The sage ruler of the Arthago Dutchy. As he excels at diplomacy, he was able to bring the continued dispute with the Romn Empire to an end. When he heard of the rumors of Adol’s adventures, he felt he could make use of his visit.
Crshe: (16 years old) The older sister for Mustafa, who is ill with the Isuka Fever. A brave and kind young woman, she often has fits from the illness affecting her. She is not afraid of her condition, and she is more concerned about her brother and father worrying over her.
Fatima: (65 years old) Elk’s grandmother, an old woman serving as the elder of the Shannoa Tribe. She is very knowledgable of the ancient legends of Arthago, and has served as an counsellor to the duke. When Adol visits the village, she teaches him about Arthago’s legends of the five great dragons.

(Also- I’m just now realizing all the characters have ages. Was this just updated?)

Adol = 23; Dogi = 28; Aisha = 16; Geis = 22; Elk = 13; Mustafa = 25; Mishera = 27

***New System Information***
Free Party Character Exchange
It’s possible to freely switch out characters during exploration and in the middle of combat. Three characters are active in the party during battle, with one controlled by the player, and the other two operated by AI as player support.
Pressing the Square button allows for a real-time change .

***Varied Character Combat Styles***
A new level of combat will unfold as each character in the party has a different style of handling through combat.

Specific Features for some characters:
Adol– the well-known hero of the Ys series, Adol Christin. Like always, with his blade, he fights using quick and steady attacks. He’s a good character for beginners and will be familiar to fans of the series.
Dogi– finally it’s possible to play Dogi. He has a short reach and slow attack speed, but his strength is high and his powerful attacks will cause great damage to the enemies.
Aisha– this character, new to the series, uses a bow and arrow to attack the enemies from a distance. It’s possible for her to fight from the safety of outside the range of the enemies. She can serve as support from the back of the party.

***Attribute System***
Damage enemies more by understanding their affinities:
Characters use weapons of multiple attack types: Cutting, Impact, and Projectile. Enemies will have special attributes to allow them to have weaknesses to a particular type, meaning that ‘party-play’ will be essential to deal large amounts of damage to the enemies.

*Cutting (Adol, Geis, Elk)
Bladed weapons that deal slice-type damage. They are best used on enemies with a soft body, in order to cut through and deal damage. However, there is no enemy type specifically weak to them, as they make good all-around fighters.

*Impact (Dogi, Mustafa)
These weapons deal impact-type damage. There are many enemies with a hard-shell body that may be able to repel a blade, and require a powerful forced attack to take damage. On the other hand, high-speed, aerial enemies are very difficult to strike.

*Projectile (Aisha, Mishera)
A type of weapon that can deal rapid-fire attacks on enemies from a distance. While they can harm light and agile enemies well, a target with a solid body will not take any damage from these weapons.

***Adol is the only character capable of changing combat attributes through equipment changes. However, his attack motion and speed will change along with them.

New Downloads
PSP Wallpapers are now Kymarl and Crshe.
PC Wallpaper is Maya.
PSP Custom Themes are Maya and Mustafa.

Ys Seven Scans from Dengeki Playstation Magazine
These are huge files, but they were posted from Ancient Land of Ys, which was posted on wiieveryday.blogspot.com – however, this site is NSFW.
The images are too large for me to post on the site’s gallery, so I’ll be posting links from my LJ gallery.
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

The only really new information that’s on these are two new characters: Sigroon and Urza. I’ll be providing more information from these scans once I get a chance to finish translating them.

Ys Seven is currently #2 on Yahoo! Games’ ranking

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