Friday Update – Specials and Others

Ys Origin, Vista Ed. (Normally 7000 yen)
Ys I-II Complete, Vista Ed. (Normally 3960 yen)
Ys Origin Original Soundtrack (Normally 2980 yen)
Original Soundtrack Ys and Ys II Eternal (Normally 2980 yen)
Ys Seven Store Use Demo DVD (not for sale)

Total Price: 16,920 yen ===> Special Price: 8500 yen!

Weekly Sales
Xanadu Next, Vista Ed. (Normally 3960) for 3300 yen
Sorcerian Super Arranged (Normally 1980) for 1200 yen
Sorcerian Super Arranged II (Normally 1980) for 1200 yen
Xanadu Next Original Soundtrack (Normally 1980) for 1200 yen

Secret Wallpapers Updated through the Mail-Mag
A new set of wallpapers has been added to the site for subscribers of the Falcom News Express mailmag.

New Items through Chara-Ani
If you aren’t getting Ys Seven [what? D:], but still want the drama CD, you can now purchase it online through Chara-Ani for 3100 yen. It will be on sale on 9/17, the same day that Ys Seven is released.

There is also a bundle where you can get a silver pendant with the Ys Seven logo on it, plus the drama CD for 10,000 yen.

While on the topic of silver accessories:
A silver Alma pendant will be released sometime in October for 10,500 yen. It will be a molded body with a textured relief in it.

Also for sale in October will be a similar pendant but of the logo from the Bracer’s Guild in Sora no Kiseki. It will also possess a textured relief in the silver, and go for 8,400 yen.

All three accessories are made from 925 grade silver.

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