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Yahoo!JapanGames currently has Ys Seven as #1 on its upcoming games list.

Ys Seven Play Diary Part 1
Ika-chan has posted the first part of the play diary. There, she talks a little about how the game feels, moving around as Adol or Dogi, and the dodging ability. (Press X on the PSP to execute a barrel ro-*shot*)

System Page Updated
The section talks about the Skills system that is in Ys Seven.

Characters have the ability to use a variety of skills, then you have the Extra Skill for a specialized, high-powered attack. Skills are based on characters’ equipped weapons.

Examples of Skills:
Photon Blade (Adol) – A powerful light is fired from the sword, and to enemies out ahead. It can allow you to damage enemies at a distance.
Ceasar Rush (Dogi) [May not have this name right! :o] – A series of punches thrown at the enemy. A final strike is used for great damage. It’s a high powered attack that will knock enemies back.
Killer Hornet (Aisha) – An attack with rapid fired arrows concentrated on an enemy.
Ranbu * Rensenfu (Geis) [lit’ ‘boisterous dance * leading brandished axe?] – The attack knocks enemies up into the air, and back to the ground with a powerful strike. Serves as a good preemptive attack.
[my mind died on this one. I may need someone to retranslate it. :o]

Skill Point Usage
The blue marks on the left side of the circle on the display represent the number of skill points accumulated. You gain SP little by little while damaging enemies. However, accumulated attacks [combos?] and stuns will increase skill points at a higher rate.

Flash Guard
Pressing the ‘L’ and ‘R’ buttons together at a specific point of an enemy’s attack to execute a Flash Guard. If you immediately attack after using the flash guard, you can deal critical damage on the enemy. However, failure to guard properly is critical damage to the character.

Learning Skills
As mentioned before, you get skills with new weapons. As you use the weapon, you will begin to learn the skill. Learning the skill allows you to use it freely without the weapon equipped, and you can begin levelling it to make it more powerful.

Extra Skill
The Extra Skills are finisher attacks with overwhelming power that are unique to each of the characters. On the right side of the circular gauge is the ‘Extra Gauge’ – one this is full, you can press the ‘L’ button to charge

Gachirin Ken [Full Moon Blade] (Adol) – The enemy is struck many times quickly, before a powerful laser-type attack is unleashed directly ahead.
Force Shield (Elk) – The enemy is entangled in thorny shrubs for an attack. Meanwhile, divine protection of the earth is granted for a period of time, and all attacks are guarded.
Flame Hazard (Mustafa) – The hammer is swung around for a series of attacks. When it’s finally struck to the ground, the surroundings catch fire from the shockwave.
Turbulence (Mishera) – The power of wind is used to create a tornado. An area of enemies are damaged in this one attack.

[I’m tired and struggling with making sense of English right now. I’ll look over the article again when I’m more awake to clarify any mistakes.]

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