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YsSix/Seven Drama CD Cast

Adol Christin – Takeshi Kusao (played Adol in the OAV series and the Ys V drama CD)
Ladoc/Narrator – Banjou Ginga (Narrator for the PC engine Ys games)
Dogi – Tesshou Genda (played Dogi in the OAVs)
Terra – Shiori Mikami
Geis – Takuya Satou
Mihael – Chihiro Suzuki
Kamera – Shinji Kawada
Niese – Mie Sonozaki
Gwen – Tomoyuki Shimura
Ord / Jade – Kouji Ishii
Olha / Xisa – Miyu Mitsuki
Isha – Saori Gotou (Played Isha in the PS2 Ys VI)
Agares – Tooru Furusawa
Jue – Kanako Kotera
Sera – Airi Furukawa
Ernst – Satoshi Tsuruoka (He played Agares in the PS2 Ys VI)

Drama CD Cover Art
I know I’ve already posted about it, but 4gamer.net had a larger resolution copy of the image. As a result, I’ve uploaded it to the gallery. You can find it here. (EDIT: Added below)

Ys Manga Continuation
The Ys manga that was being serialized in the Falcom World Guides will renew serialization in October on Asahi’s webcomic site for Horror and Fantasy genre series.

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