Potential Release for Sora no Kiseki in English?

This information comes from Wyrdwad of the Ancient Land of Ys forums.

Currently, on RPGamer, there is a thread started by user MegaLink1 to gauge the sort of response for Sora no Kiseki being released in English. Would people buy it?

This is Wyrdwad’s quoted conversation with the user as he posted on ALoY:

MegaLink1:”Rumor has it that those games may just be coming to America on the Playstation Portable in the near future. I’ll set up a poll to see how many people would be interested in purchasing the trilogy.”

Me: “Curious where you heard this rumor, though, MegaLink. Last I heard, XSEED was interested in them, but dismissed them as not cost effective for English release due to the amount of time and money needed to adequately translate them, versus the amount of money they expected they’d be able to actually make from them.”

MegaLink1: “I heard this directly from Mr. Abe, the man who oversees the licensing of their games at Falcom. He had mentioned that a few American companies had been in discussions with them about possibly bringing a number of their titles stateside. I am wondering if we will hear anything following the Tokyo Game Show.”

Wyrdwad is recommending that people go to the poll on rpgamer’s site and sound off on this subject. This may determine whether or not English speakers will finally get one of Falcom’s best RPGs to date.

[ Post on ALoY ]
[ Thread and Poll on RPGamer ]

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  1. Wow! This sure sounds great but sadly I prefer if they chose to do the PC version but that will be the least cost effective way to go. Otherwise, I need to save a lot of money to get both the DS and PSP. PSP for the LoH series and DS for the Pokemon series and other RPGs for it.

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