Updates 10/28 and 10/29

10/29 Updates
Six Titles to be rereleased with Windows 7 compatability

And they don’t appear to just be another set of rereleases:

*Zwei II Contents Plus – A powered up version of Zwei II with new items and functions added to the game. These include new costumes and new pets, and what appears to a survival mode and new dungeon.
*Ys Chronicles PC – Instead of rereleasing yet another version of Ys Complete, Falcom has decided to release Ys Chronicles for the PC with the Windows 7 versions. Just like with the PSP version, you can select the graphics style and pick from one of three soundtracks. This still has the four difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare), as well as the boss rush modes available.
*Sora no Kiseki FC/SC/3rd – Not only will we see a rerelease of these games, but Sora no Kiseki FC will be updated to also contain the PSP version voices as well. SC and 3rd will be the same as the Vista edition releases.
*Sora no Kiseki Complete Trilogy Box – With the Windows 7 releases, there will be a box released with all three Win7 versions of the games together at a bargain price.

The release info follows:
Zwei II Plus – Release Date: 12/24/2009; Price: 5800 yen
Ys Chronicles – Release Date: 12/24/2009; Price: 4800 yen
Sora no Kiseki FC/SC/3rd (Individually) – Release Date: 12/24/2009; Price: 4800 yen each.
Sora no Kiseki Set – Release Date: 12/24/2009 – Price: 8800 yen

IRReport: Six Windows 7 titles to be released

Ys Portal Site Updates
Answers revealed for the two quests.The 20 answers for Maya’s questions have been posted.As well as the four messages in Tia’s quest as well.

It also looks like there aren’t going to be any updates to the Ys Portal Site quest page for the next three months.

Senryuu for 10/28~11/3 have been posted.

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3 Replies to “Updates 10/28 and 10/29”

  1. Wow! Looks like time to save a lot of money. Wondering whether I should go for the individual games or the whole set. The thing about the individual games is that they all have their own box art and manual but is it really worth it to get them like that. Also, the Ys Chronicles PC is very interesting. Can't wait for that. Are you planning on getting any of these?

  2. I'll probably get the Chronicles and the voiced FC, actually. Partially to make sure it'll work with our patch on the translation project. This is probably a good time as any to pick up Zwei II, because I didn't get it before.

  3. Zwei II and Ys Chronicles sound interesting enough that I will probably hold off getting the current versions in favor of waiting for them. I am a bit indifferent on getting the re-release of SnK FC, since I have the limited edition release already. Given that my order for all three Sora no Kiseki games came in the previous week, and I just got in the Gagharv Trilogy artbook this weekend, I might want to wait on getting anything else (Quite amusing, especially the manga chapter they had at the end.). C.T.

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