Yes,I am behind. Let me just do a variety of highlights.

1) I am saddened to say that Falcom Daisuki! has closed its doors on 10/17 after the Falcom fandom community for just over 10 years. We’ll miss your contributions, Sugimo! I hope everything goes better for you and your family.
2) Falcom is having an art contest for Ys Seven. There are details for this on the Ancient Land of Ys forums.
3) Brandish 2: The Planet Buster fan translation! I did update the release lists, however, I’ll add the trailer here. This trailer is the best thing ever, even if it’s full of NSFW language. It’s still awesome.
4) The Bracer Crest and the Alma Crest pendants are now out of stock on Falcom’s website. There are a new set of pendants located on at the moment. You’ll need to go through a deputy service.
5) The Super Price Edition versions for Sora no Kiseki and Gurumin now have a webpage on Falcom’s website.
6) Fal-Column has an article on the Klose drama CD.
7) I’m updating the release column now with a few other things as well.
8) The weekly special is the Ys I-II Complete Vista Ed. set with the OST, Ys Healing, and The Vocal from Ys for 4700 yen (normally costs 11,720.)

Sorry for nothing more, detail-wise. This is to catch myself up to be ready for this week’s updates.

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  1. Silver: It was a very long running, very well maintained Japanese fansite. A lot of my news and release dates actually came from there. I need to find a few other pages to go through now. lol Nevertheless, it has been the number 1 link of Falcom's fansites page for many many years now. I'd add the URL, but I closed them out, due to spammers. :o

  2. Due to issues with a member of his family being ill, he doesn't have time to be able to maintain the site and help around the house, I believe.

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